How to Design a Vacation Rental Property

You’re an entrepreneur, not a designer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do a great job of assembling an inviting and appealing setting for your vacation rental properties. All you need is a little guidance. 

Here are a few tips on how to design a short-term rental to help you get started. 

1) Mix neutral colors with bright pieces

Neutral colors have been shown to have the widest appeal when it comes to staging homes so they’re a safe bet for the foundational aspects of your property, like walls and ceilings. 

That said, bright colors should have their moment too. Make the place more exciting with  brightly colored rugs or throw pillows. Just be sure to stick to a theme so as not to overwhelm guests. 

2) Be consistent

Speaking of sticking to a theme, you’ll want to be fairly consistent when selecting decorative pieces for your rental. Decide beforehand what sort of atmosphere you’d like to create and whether that would be best supported by accessories that are modern, classic, elegant, industrious or something else. 

Once you’ve chosen your direction, do your best to choose design elements that adhere to it so that your space offers a sense of harmony.

3) Let your surroundings inspire you

When considering how to design your vacation rental interior, your first point of reference should be what’s beyond the property – The beach? The slopes? The woods? 

Your guests chose this destination for a reason, so why not let them get a taste of their surroundings when they’re indoors as well. Subtlety is key here. While a more rustic look for a secluded forest-side property and a brighter, summery feel for a beachside rental are great ways to infuse your property with a sprinkling of the surrounding scenery, you don’t want to overdo it or you might be crossing into tacky territory. 

4) Add elements that say ‘luxury’

When people go on vacation, they like to feel a little spoiled. Add design aspects to your rental property that you might see in a hotel room and that people therefore associate with vacations. Think white sheets, sheer white curtains and eye-catching artwork.

If you’re working with a limited budget, don’t stress. The trick is to give the appearance of luxury and there’s a lot of imitation design work you can work in that doesn’t cost a lot – tiles that look like marble, for example, or faux hardwood floors.

A few simple touches

Don’t stress out wondering how to design your vacation property. A few simple touches are all it takes to transform your rental from a basic property to a relaxing getaway where any traveler would love to stay.

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