How to connect your account to Guesty. is a digital travel company that connects travelers to transportation options, lodging, and excursions. The site offers a wide variety of selections that range from city apartments to beach resorts, all guaranteed to have the best available rates. In addition to their offerings, is proud to provide instant confirmations, no reservation fees, and secure booking to their customers. 

Guesty works with to provide property managers with a smooth experience.  Millions of nights are reserved each day through, and the site’s integration with Guesty allows users to be better positioned and increase their business. 

To link your account to Guesty, you must first set the connectivity provider in To start, sign into your account. Once you’re logged in, select the relevant listing and in the top menu choose Account. From the drop-down, click Connectivity provider followed by Switch to a new channel manager. Search for Guesty. Finally, activate the Content & Photos as well as Reservation, Rates ,& Availability checkboxes. Here, click Next and follow the flow to complete the setup. 

Now, link your listing with Guesty. First sign into your Guesty account and in the top menu, hover over Integrations. From the drop-down, click Distribution and then click the thumbnail. From there, in the top right corner click Link listings and follow the flow in the pop-up window. Then, choose Link and Close. 

Complete the integration process by choosing whether or not guests must provide a credit card CVV code when making a reservation on 

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