What are Airbnb House Rules?

What are Airbnb House Rules?

Airbnb house rules provide hosts and short-term property managers with a degree of control over the way guests utilize their rentals.

House rules are featured on your listing profile and guests must agree to them prior to making reservation requests.

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Examples of Airbnb House Rules

Airbnb hosts may craft their house rules according to their specific needs and expectations. Here are some examples of some common house rules Airbnb hosts include on their listing pages:

  • No smoking
  • No parties or events
  • No pets/Pets allowed
  • No unregistered guests
  • No food or drink in bedrooms
  • No loud noise after 11 PM

What are Quiet Hours on Airbnb?

Quiet hours on Airbnb are hours specified by hosts as times during which guests may not be notably loud or rowdy. In some locations, this may refer to late hours of the night, while in others it may also include afternoon hours that are designated quiet times in particular cities or countries.

It is best for hosts to define what they mean by quiet and whether it refers to simply lowering the volume of music and tv or restricting more common behaviors like speaking and washing dishes. This may depend largely on the type of accommodation and the presence of other guests or tenants in the unit.

Creating Your House Rules

When creating your Airbnb house rules, make sure to consider the balance between protecting your properties and encouraging bookings. Too few house rules may invite unruly guest behavior while too many may give potential guests the impression that they’d have very limited freedom while staying in your property. Establish house rules that demand reasonable behavior from guests, but remember they are looking for a relaxing vacation and not a long list of dos and don’ts.

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