Guest Screening Insurance




Disclaimer: insurance information below is provided by SUPERHOG, a licensed insurance agency. Please click “website” for more information about SUPERHOG.

SUPERHOG is a global Risk Management platform providing unique real-time information on properties, hosts, and guests within the short-term rental sector. We offer top-of-the-range ID verification, backed by £1m guarantee, as well as a comprehensive search function for hosts, guests and properties. Our mission is to create a future where it is easier for everyone to make better decisions. SUPERHOG is here to make short-term rentals 100% safe for everyone.

Integration features include:
• Auto-import all your Guesty listings
• Select which Guesty listings are to be managed by Superhog

Coming soon:
• Auto-update guest information in Guesty based on data collected by Superhog
• See Superhog verification status and details in your Guesty unified inbox

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