Guesty X Superhog: An Integration Promoting Trust and Supporting Security in the Short-Term Rental Ecosystem

August 26, 2020 |

Meet Superhog

Founded in 2019, booking protection platform Superhog was launched as an extension of Guardhog, an insurance company for owners and property management companies, in response to the need for more trust within the short-term rental industry. 

Horror stories of guests being scammed by fake properties have caused growing skepticism among travelers of booking short-term rentals, especially online. Superhog solves this by generating mutual trust in the market between guests, hosts, and owners with an intelligence platform focused on safety and security that independently verifies all parties involved in the rental process.  

For guests, Superhog provides property certifications, home-sharing backup plans, and deposit backing. Hosts and property management companies can use the platform to verify and authenticate guests across all booking platforms, accept bookings faster and protect against accidents and damage. 

Superhog X Guesty 

As the business grew, partnering with a reliable property management software like Guesty made sense for the company. 

According to Leo Walton, Co-Founder of Superhog, “Guesty really stood out to us because they provided an excellent solution for property management companies and are highly respected in this industry. We wanted to work with Guesty because we were really impressed with the technology they have developed. Their process is seamless and extremely easy to use which was another huge draw for us.” 

The Guesty platform, which focuses on making property management as seamless as possible, complements Superhog’s offering and supports their goals of mutual trust in the short-term rental space. Guesty’s time-saving solutions also give shared customers more time to focus on protection.

The Results

Superhog’s partnership with Guesty has saved the company valuable time onboarding new clients, reduced administration work both internally and for users, and brought in new customers. 

“It is very well-received when we tell a client that we are a Guesty partner,” says Leo, “It works well and just makes their life easier. For other market solutions thinking about working with Guesty, my advice is to go for it! Guesty can provide so much value to your customers and will work flawlessly alongside your product and service. We love working with the team they have assembled and enjoy working with people who are as passionate about short term rentals as we are.”

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