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Reporting Tools

The property management report that gives you all the details

Summarize and organize data in a clear and concise way to get a granular view of the vital aspects of your business

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Transform raw data into actionable insights

Stay informed on the spot

With real-time data syncing, get up-to-date information in easily accessible reports that can help you to make fast and smart business decisions

Easily monitor your business

Create custom reports using 65+ parameters to focus on key metrics. Gain insights on portfolio performance by choosing pre-set reports or analyzing specific aspects of your business.

Keep everyone in the loop

Easily generate reports for homeowners and other stakeholders without spending hours compiling individualized data and information

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Everything you need to create
reports the way you want

Customizable view

Add or remove filters, select specific columns from a wide range of options, and sort the results to only see the information that matters for the particular business case

Report library

Mark your most frequently used reports as favorites for quick access in a dedicated folder

Export and share

Choose a way that works for you. Export data as a CSV, share it in a static report, or create a dynamic link for live data updates.

Automate report delivery

Schedule when report should be send and to whom to make sure that nothing is overlooked

Discover why hospitality managers love Guesty’s Reporting Tools

Sun Paradise Vacation Rentals, Florida

Learn how Sun Paradise Vacation Rentals significantly cut the time on sending regular updates to the homeowners

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decrease on time spent creating and sending reports

Frequently asked questions

Why use Guesty’s reporting tools software?

The main reason to use Guesty’s management Reporting Tools over any other is that our reports can pull information directly from your dashboard without requiring you to manually input any details. Guesty’s reports grab all your data, from bookings to reviews, and can instantly generate detailed reports based on the parameters of your choosing.

Our users have admitted to spending hours of their day entering data into spreadsheets before joining Guesty and can now use that time to focus on other aspects of their business, like communicating with guests or managing your tasks.

How can your staff benefit from Guesty’s property management reports?

Reports can be sorted by over 65 parameters, including tasks and assignees. By instantly creating reports detailing each of your staff member’s unfinished tasks, for example, you can help them stay organized and on track.

You can also assign tasks to specific members directly from a task report, by selecting an assignee from the drop-down menu.


How can property management reports help you make better business decisions?

By accumulating all of your data in a highly comprehensive, sortable way, Guesty’s Reporting Tools give you actionable insights into your properties’ performance in a number of categories, including income, occupancy, and guest satisfaction. This information can help you make business decisions regarding your marketing efforts for specific rentals, your prices and your offering in terms of guest experience.

Reports can also help you determine which locations may be worth investing in further if you’re interested in adding new properties to your portfolio and which properties may be weighing your business down.

Guesty’s Analytics Tools can also help in these areas, of course, but understanding the numbers behind the analysis may help shed some light and give you more certainty regarding your decisions.

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