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Owners Portal

Offer owners transparency, within your control

Enhance relationships with existing owners and win over new ones by offering transparency and booking access with a simple, customizable interface

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Give owners access, on your terms

Offer full transparency

Create a transparent relationship with your owners by allowing them to view occupancy and earning data about their properties, at any time

Maintain control

The Owners Portal is a separate website from your Guesty dashboard which allows you to customize the data and information each owner can access

Free up time

Owners will have their own login to access performance data and reserve booking dates directly, saving you time

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Easily provide owners with what they need

Clear and detailed data

Offer property owners clear reports that detail each property’s yearly and monthly revenues. Provide property comparisons and highlight notable trends.

Full customization

Tailor the information you share to your homeowners’ needs and allow them to reserve time in their properties directly. Full white-labeling capabilities enable owners to see your brand rather than Guesty’s.

Multi-language compatibility

Knock down language barriers that stand between you and your homeowners. The Guesty platform is compatible with 15+ different languages, so everyone can use it comfortably.

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Frequently asked questions

Why create a homeowner dashboard rather than sharing reports with
owners on a regular basis?

Aside from eliminating the need for you to remember to share the reports and then take the time to actually do so, Guesty’s short-term rental Owners Portal gives your owners the freedom to check in on their properties’ performance whenever they’d like, rather than having to rely on you for information.

As their properties are a valuable source of income for your clients, it makes sense they would want to stay regularly informed. Delegating some of your home owner communication to an easily accessible portal will help you save valuable time.

It also enables owners to reserve their properties for personal use and for that reservation to be reflected on your central calendar, ensuring no other reservations are accepted on those dates.

Is the Owners Portal secure?

Absolutely. Upon initial invitation to the portal, owners will be directed to a login page and prompted to create a password, which they will need to use each time they wish to access the portal.

Will owners be able to access any of your other information?

Though the Owners Portal is synced with your Guesty property management software and can therefore draw information from there to compile and present to owners, it is an entirely separate dashboard and all other features will be inaccessible to them.

In fact, due to the Portal’s white labeling capabilities, your clients don’t even need to know it is connected to a property management software.

As far as data that is on the Portal, you can customize what is shown to owners and what owners can or cannot do through the dashboard.

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