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Damage Protection

Property damage protection with zero guest friction

Guest damage happens, so make protecting your properties simple with Guesty’s Damage Protection. Manage claims from start to finish right within our dashboard, with no guest involvement — and recover your costs quickly.

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Damage protection you can count on


Of claims are paid
within 3 days


Covered damage to date

Up to 100%

Increase in returning guests

Gain peace of mind knowing you’re covered

Eliminate guest friction

Increase guest satisfaction for more positive reviews by eliminating security deposits and claim disputes with a quick and simple guest-free claim process

Be fully protected

Rest assured that your properties are fully protected from guest damages with a coverage plan built for the hospitality industry

Improve operational efficiency

Manage every aspect of the process including selecting a plan, reporting damage, and tracking claims – right within the Guesty dashboard

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All the coverage you need for your listings

Deposit-free reservations

Using Guesty Damage Protection
means you don’t need to ask for a security
deposit from guests — creating a better
experience for them, and less hassle for you

Zero guest involvement

Recover guest damages without involving your guests. Reduce disputes and improve satisfaction for more repeat bookings and more 5-star reviews.

Universal channel coverage

Guesty Damage Protection can be used for any kind of inventory — so you get coverage on every reservation, on all channels

Multiple plans

With a wide range of plans to choose from, it’s easy to select the right one for each listing. Leave no property unprotected.

Quick claims process

Just take a picture, submit a claim, and get your money in days. Guesty Damage Protection is designed specifically for the hospitality industry, to help you get your money fast.

Embedded claim management

Handle everything from one place. Choose your coverage, report losses, track progress, and settle claims right within the Guesty dashboard.

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can do for your business

Beckon Homes, Tennessee

Beckon Homes has been growing with Guesty, and leveraging Guesty Damage Protection to sleep better at night, and create better guest experiences.

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Increase in properties since its founding

Why customers love Guesty Damage Protection

Frequently asked questions

How much is covered under Damage Protection?

It depends on the plan you choose, portfolio size, and the value of contents in your rental units. Our robust plans range from $3,000 up to $20,000 per booking for content damage with no deductible and includes additional coverage for professional bed bug removal, smoking-related incidents, and real property (building/structural) damage.

What is the right plan for my business?

Risk management is a very individualized decision, and it will largely depend on the size of your portfolio and value of contents in your rental units. Learn more

How do I sign up?

Signing up is a three-step process that is done via your Guesty dashboard. Simply choose your coverage plan, select the properties you would like it to apply to, and sign up.

Currently, Damage Protection is only available to US & Mexico users and will be gradually released to additional regions. Sign up to our waiting list to be notified when Damage Protection becomes available in your region.

Will activating Guesty Damage Protection decrease my revenue?

No, activating Damage Protection is not expected to decrease your revenue. In fact, Guesty has conducted an analysis based on >100,000 reservations to examine this. The results show that activating Damage Protection can have a positive impact on revenue, with an overall net increase in gross booking volume (GBV), primarily due to a significant rise in the average daily rate (ADR) of new reservations coming in after Damage Protection is activated. In addition, our data shows no significant impact on occupancy. This indicates that guests are willing to pay for Damage Protection as it can provide them with peace of mind during their stay.

Can I transfer the cost of Damage Protection to guests?

Yes. In fact, Guesty’s analysis, based on >100,000 reservations, shows that property managers and hosts not only successfully transferred the fees to guests, but also that the increase in average daily rate due to the addition of Damage Protection, exceeded the actual cost of Damage Protection, resulting in an overall net increase in gross booking volume (GBV) and profit. This means that you can charge guests for Damage Protection without negatively affecting your revenue.

Can Guesty Damage Protection contribute to recurring guests?

Recurring guests value consistency and reliability in their vacation experiences. By implementing Damage Protection, property managers and hosts can provide an added layer of certainty and peace of mind for guests. Guests appreciate the fact that they won’t be surprised by unexpected fees or charges after their stay.

Additionally, guests may prefer to pay for Damage Protection instead of providing a deposit upfront, as this can tie up their funds until after their stay. Additionally, should a guest cause damage during their stay, the Damage Protection claim process is guest-free meaning there is no adverse interaction or back and forth needed with a guest, so they have a better stay overall. By offering Damage Protection for a reservation, property managers and hosts can help build trust and loyalty with their recurring guests, ultimately leading to more repeat bookings and positive reviews.

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