Channel Management for Vacation Rentals

Channel Management allows you to seamlessly distribute your listings through all major OTAs and vacation rental sites - such as Airbnb,, HomeAway, Tripadvisor, VRBO, Expedia and more. All availability and pricing from those channels are synced into one Multi-Calendar, ensuring that you get the most updated view of all your properties, no matter where they are listed.


Integrate all your property listings from dozens of short-term and vacation rental sites into your Guesty Dashboard and easily manage them from a single account.


Control the calendar at any time by adjusting prices and availability whenever it’s needed. Make changes according to last minute deals, season, or any other criteria.


View and find availability of your properties on all channels, without having to login to various platforms. See the listings that are available on certain dates, pending reservations or properties that are best suitable for a specific number of guests, all in Guesty’s Multi-Calendar.


Find any booking information in seconds, no matter which short-term rental site it comes from, by filtering your view based on city, title, nickname or address.

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