What Made This New York Property Manager Say “I’ve Never Seen So Many Happy Faces in So Many Areas”?

February 12, 2019 |

Jacob Levy from Vesper Holdings, a New York-based real estate investment firm, shares how Guesty has made his life easier as a Senior Account Manager.

Before using Guesty, it was challenging to keep all the listings organized. Now, Jacob has a smoother time listing calendars thanks to his favorite Guesty feature, “Channel Manager,” adding various OTAs and channels into one system. 

“My favorite Guesty feature is the ability to add in many different OTAs and many different channels. It’s going to help me in the future when I have a lot more listings.”

Another benefit Jacob has seen within Vesper Holdings since working with Guesty is the centralized hub of communications that Guesty provides. This has helped Vesper Holdings grow and continue to move forward with its listings. 

“Ive never seen so many happy faces in so many areas.”

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