How Guesty Helps this Luxury Property Management Company Operate with Ease Worldwide

November 19, 2019 |

Ira and Moriya Rockman founded Smiling House as a hobby in 2014. They rented out their farmhouse in the Swiss Alps, not realizing this hobby would soon turn into a property management company with over 1000 luxury properties worldwide. 

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Smiling House uses Guesty for more than 500 of their properties. Guesty’s automated services allow Ira and Moriya to grow their business even while they are sleeping.

With Guesty we are making our company profitable. We manage to work with less people to achieve much more – Moriya Rockman

Guesty also helps Smiling House cater to the special needs that come along with being in the luxury rental business. Guesty listens to the needs of Smiling House, providing more and more solutions to ease the property management business. 

Guesty put us in the league of professionals – Moriya Rockman


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