How 24/7 Guest Communication Services Helped a Property Manager Achieve 1,000% Growth With Guesty

August 27, 2018 |
Destination Stays


Destination Beginnings

When Destination Stays was founded by Daniel Benhamou in September 2016, he had zero experience in the property management industry and one distinct goal: to do business differently than it was being done by everyone else.

After acquiring his first property, it was only three months before his young business began pursuing large-scale, multi-apartment investments. If this sounds like a pipe dream for a budding property management company, that’s because it is. 

But a good management system can make all the difference, and partnering with Guesty was the first step. Would this incredible success story have been possible otherwise? It’s hard to say – so we sat down with the founder himself to find out what inspired the first big leap.


Destination StaysTime to jump in!

Good Luck Meets a Good Decision

Benhamou says it was Guesty and its 24/7 Guest Communication Services that gave him the confidence and free time he needed to start scaling the business.

As soon as Destination Stays got started, Benhamou sought out an optimized system for property management to bring structure and efficiency to his new business.

Guesty was one of the first softwares that he came across, and he reached out immediately. After an educational one-on-one demo with a representative, he had the feeling that Guesty was the best solution for his company, and he feels that it’s true more than ever today.

Destination Stays signed up with Guesty in October 2016, only one month after its founding. By November, it had acquired three additional properties… and many more questions to deal with each day. That’s when it brought Guesty on board to handle the influx of inquiries, using their 24/7 Guest Communication Services.

Each company has responsibilities at every level, from property maintenance and acquisition to marketing and more. Being responsible for communicating with guests means property managers have to be constantly available, which gets in the way of nearly everything else.

“As soon as I saw that guests were being replied to quickly, check-in instructions were delivered, and more – I had that boost of confidence that I was able to go and get more for my business without jeopardizing it.”

– Daniel Benhamou, Founder & CEO of Destination Stays.

Destination Stays decided to go big or go home when acquiring properties. They offered to meet homeowners halfway; a proposal they might have never even heard before. By offering full transparency – access to the accounting software, bank statements, and all other relevant information – along with 50% of the profits, Destination Stays had a deal. It was an initial sacrifice that, if spread across enough partners, would offer more stability and be more profitable in the long run. It’s safe now to say… the formula worked!

Destination StaysNot a bad view from the top.

The Success Story Continues

Since Destination Stays signed up for Guesty’s 24/7 communication service, it’s become clear for both the company and the guests that all of their services have improved as a result of having more free time – even beyond the communications.

In addition to 24/7 support, Guesty’s team of service experts screen guests for reservations, filter and generate reviews, manage additional fees, manage your multi-calendar – all while offering a personal touch to your guests. These tasks went from being a time-consuming pain to being completely taken care of – while growing the business.

The success of Destination Stays has been a huge victory for its founder, Daniel. But he also asserts that the relationship with Guesty goes beyond being a business arrangement – it’s both personal and mutually innovative.

“My experience with Guesty goes beyond emails, telephone calls, video conferencing – we actually have a personalized relationship in each and every level and department, making Guesty much more approachable – bringing a human aspect to the business.”

Destination StaysAh, the sweet comforts of success.

Guesty’s guest communication services team provides the tools for property managers to offer the fastest and most reliable answers to guests, allowing it to be the voice of the company while the administration is out and about taking care of everything else.

Guesty & Destination Stays

Having already helped the company scale from three to 34 properties in less than two years, there’s no doubt that the partnership between this innovative property management company and their dynamic property management software will yield even more success in the near future.

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