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October 17, 2021 |

Meet Autohost

Founded in 2019, automation and guest-screening platform Autohost was born out of a need for security and accountability in the short-term rental industry. The year before, co-founders Ela Mezhiborsky and Anton Zilberberg had experienced a nightmare reservation at their own property management company—a drug-dealing gang that endangered their staff.

They discovered that issues like this were common across the short-term rental industry, especially as operators introduced more tech-enabled solutions, such as contactless check-ins and keyless entries, to streamline their operations. Fewer face-to-face interactions between hosts and guests meant that riskier bookings were slipping through.

To deal with the problem, Mezhiborsky and Zilberberg roped in cybersecurity expert Roy Firestein and together they built the ultimate guest screening solution. Autohost performs an in-depth analysis of every reservation, scanning surface-level information, like the guest’s ID, while also delving into hundreds of other data points, including the guest’s IP address, whether they’re using a VPN, or if the guest appears on any criminal watchlists. Once the guest is verified, Autohost automatically sends the check-in instructions.

By automating the screening process and opening the door to previously restricted bookings, Autohost clients see a 90% workload reduction and a 15% increase in revenue. 

Autohost X Guesty

Autohost and Guesty have a long history together. In fact, Guesty was the PMS Mezhiborsky and Zilberberg chose to manage their own property management company. That’s why Guesty was Autohost’s first PMS integration.

“We knew that Guesty’s technology was fast, modern, and reliable. Plus, they work with some of the top enterprise property managers,” said Firestein. “It was the ideal choice to start building our business off of.”

Thanks to the seamless integration between Autohost and Guesty, reservation data is processed almost instantaneously by Autohost’s screening AI, delivering fast and accurate risk analyses to property managers. Plus, having such a cohesive integration means guests receive information faster, improving the overall experience as good guests breeze through Autohost’s verifications. 

The Results

Since partnering with Guesty, Autohost has watched its client base grow worldwide. Guesty users now represent 25% of the company’s total client base. 

“Guesty’s product management and support teams are dedicated to helping us maximize the value of our integration,” said Firestein. “And thanks to their cutting-edge tech and fast-moving product, we’ve experienced a steady stream of customers.”

Firestein added that being a part of Guesty’s world-class marketplace, its annual GuestyVal event, and its educational webinars have given Autohost a major boost, drawing in some of the company’s top clients. It’s also given the Autohost team the opportunity to engage and learn from other leaders in the short-term rental industry, expanding its network of partners as a result. 

“Partnering with Guesty has opened doors to opportunities that have helped significantly grow our business. Their industry-leading marketing team has given us unparalleled exposure,” said Firestein. “Anyone looking to engage with enterprise property managers and grow their business quickly should consider partnering with Guesty.”

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