What to Expect from Travelers in 2022 with Breezeway and Guesty

December 21, 2021 |

With Christmas and New Year’s reservation volume and nightly rates setting new records as we near 2022, Guesty has seen similarly interesting data on two key areas of interest and discovery that are trending popular for 2022 travelers. Statistics around luxury rentals and domestic and international travel provide insight into what we can expect from travelers in 2022, and our friends at Breezeway have tips as to how professional managers can meet these trends.

Luxury Rentals

The popularity of vacation rentals during COVID-19 has positively impacted the luxury sector of short and long-term vacation rentals. Luxe rentals (defined by listings priced at $1000/per night) have seen an increase in reservation volume by 37% in 2021 compared to 2020, and by 28% as compared to 2019. With many travelers moving away from hotels and similar accommodation types, the short-term rental industry has attracted a luxe clientele looking for the modern amenities they previously had experienced but in private and unique settings. Showcasing the luxe property types within one’s portfolio can elevate one’s brand and attract guests from this new traveler persona.

Domestic vs. International Travel

Over the last two years, domestic travel by car has been a popular choice as travelers look to reduce contact and exposure. In a similar vein of caution, many travelers are staying local to their country rather than traveling overseas. For Christmas and New Year’s Eve 2021, 92% of reservations across the United States have been created by domestic travelers, compared to 82% in 2019. In the UK, 70% of reservations remain domestic for Christmas and 80% for NYE, compared to 34% and 38% in 2019. Looking internationally, US-made reservations made up just 3.58% of short-term rental reservations in the UK in 2021, a 76% decrease in volume compared to 2019, where US-made reservations comprised 14.98% of short-term rental reservations in the UK.

While domestic destinations may not always appeal as glamorous, marketing domestic travel and enticing travelers to explore “what’s in their backyards” gives local short-term rentals an edge in 2022. With travelers choosing to stay within their respective countries, professional managers have the opportunity to grab new market share and establish a client they may not have otherwise. One way to attract these new travelers is by showcasing what one’s destination has to offer and providing guests with a true hospitality experience. The guest journey starts ahead of booking, and continues even when that guest arrives back home – thank them for sharing your part of the country with them and continue to market your offerings and area through social media and marketing visuals.

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