Guesty’s Five Days of Christmas

December 16, 2021 |

Can you feel it? Only one more week left until Christmas! And to kick off the festivities, we’ve got a very special post prepared just for you. Teaming up with our Marketplace Partners, we decided there’s no reason for you to wait for Christmas day to open your gifts. 

Here are Guesty’s Five Days of Christmas (you know the tune). Each day brings with it another opportunity to provide your guests with an unforgettable experience while boosting your revenue and bookings. 

Ho, ho, ho, here we go!

On the First Day of Christmas, My Host Sent to Me A Safe and Secure Way to Enter the Property

Although Guesty data indicates a promising Christmas weekend with US reservation volume 469% higher than 2020 and Christmas reservation volume in the UK already up 433% compared to where it stood in 2020, the new Omicron variant is here to remind us we’re not out of the woods just yet and frequent human contact should still be avoided as much as possible. Consider adding contactless features to your services to ease your COVID-concerned guests’ minds, such as automated keyless entry, fob-less intercom solutions, and digital check-in and check-out. 

Gift #1: Sign up for Guesty Marketplace Partner Operto—a leader in property automation systems—before December 31st, 2021, to receive your first 30 days free and special introductory pricing of $6/door for the first 12 months (mention this Guesty promotion when requesting a demo).

On the Second Day of Christmas, My Vendor Sent to Me A Dynamic Pricing Strategy

At times of such rampant uncertainty, being dynamic and flexible about all aspects of your business allows you to pivot more quickly to meet surging trends and changes in demand. Embracing a dynamic pricing strategy that takes into account factors such as seasonality, day of week trends, and more—should set you apart from the competition. 

Gift #2: Follow this link to grab a 30-day free trial plus a 25% discount for six months when opening an account with Guesty Marketplace Partner Pricelabs, a dynamic pricing tool that uses predictive analytics and machine learning to maximize profit.*

On the Third Day of Christmas, My Sensor Sent to Me A Notice of a Party at the Property

Christmas and New Year’s Eve are times to celebrate and wave goodbye to the passing year, but sometimes the party can get out of hand, especially when it comes to short-term rentals. Party-induced damages to properties have become so endemic over the last few years that Airbnb is putting measures in place to prevent guest damages to properties on the last night of the year. Fortunately, there are reliable, easy-to-use tech tools on the market that can be elegantly installed within a property and monitor unusual noise levels, alerting property owners and managers to any decibels that can denote unusual, rowdy activity taking place in the property. 

Gift #3: Get Guesty Marketplace Partner’s Minut’s advanced noise sensor for $25 when signing up to an annual Pro plan (sensor normally priced at $129). Use discount code: MINUTXGUESTY21 at checkout.* 

On the Fourth Day of Christmas, I Opened a Highly-Converting Booking Site for My Properties

Posting your listings on multiple OTAs is a critical best practice for any property management company seeking to increase its listings’ exposure online, but it also means paying a commission for each booking to these platforms. At Guesty, we are fervent proponents of direct bookings sites as they provide our users with complete control over the interface, analytics, and of course, net them the total booking fee. But launching a direct booking site is only the first step. Once it’s operational, and in many ways, “competing” with the large OTAs, you want to make sure that it converts visitors into guests.  

Gift #4: Here’s 5% off Guesty Marketplace Partner Boostly highly customizable SEO-optimized WordPress direct-booking website plus 3 months access to Boostly Content Creator Enter coupon code: guestychristmas at checkout. 

On the Fifth Day of Christmas, My Tech Tool Screened for Me the Right Guests for My Property

As more and more people opt for short-term rentals as opposed to traditional hotel stays, there are millions of new users in the market, and a concerning minority of them are capitalizing on this boom to commit fraud and other nefarious activities. To thwart these threats, explore the latest cutting-edge digital guest screening solutions that verify guest identities and flag any reasons for concern before they ever step foot in your property. 

Gift #5: If you’re a Guesty user, sign up with Guesty Marketplace Partner SUPERHOG—developer of a leading digital screening solution—by December 31st, 2021, and pay no fixed fee until June 30th, 2022.*

The Fine Print*

  • Pricelabs promotion valid for accounts created between now and the end of the year (December 31st).
  • Minut offer valid until 31st of Dec 2021.
  • Boostly promotion valid until January 31st, 2022
  • Any company that signs a Partnership Agreement with SUPERHOG between 00:00 on [DATE OF PUBLICATION] and 23:59 on 31st December 2021 will not incur any charges under the Monthly Fees section of the Fees outlined in the Partnership Agreement until after 30th June 2022. For clarity, Monthly Fees will be charged as outlined in the Partnership Agreement from 1st July 2022 until the end of this Agreement.

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