Branded Booking Website

Behind every great property manager is a great booking website, so sit back and let Guesty build one for you, free of charge!

More profit in your pocket

A personal booking website isn’t just another platform to draw in guests, it’s your custom, branded space for direct bookings, sans any OTA fees so you get to pocket more profit.

Guesty Booking Website

A comprehensive catalogue of your portfolio

From photos and descriptions of your listings to prices and available dates, your site will have all the information guests need to choose the location of their next getaway.

Sync your existing website

Already have a website? Sync it with Guesty’s booking platform through an embeddable widget so that guests can reserve their stays directly without having to contact you or visit an external channel.

New and effective marketing tools

Draw guests to your rentals with enticing, completely customizable coupons that offer attractive discounts when used according to your specific terms.

Have specific listings you want to promote? Feature the listings of your choosing on the homepage of your site and change it up whenever you’d like.

Guesty Booking Website

Your site, your brand

You’re unique – your website should be too. Stamp the site with your distinct brand DNA by dressing it with your company’s fonts and visual language.

Analytics & remarketing

Easily integrate with Google Analytics to understand your funnels and keep track of your marketing efforts. Set up a Facebook Pixel to capture abandoned bookings directly through Facebook Ads.

GDPR Compliant

Mobile Friendly

FAQs about our Booking Website Builder

  • What are the benefits of building a direct booking website?

    There are many great reasons to build your own vacation rental website. With a site of your own, you can accept commission-free bookings so you can collect all of the profit. Further, vacation rental booking sites are great marketing platforms, where you can showcase your branding and get travelers familiar with your company. 

    Another benefit is flexibility. Since the site is yours, you can do what you choose with it, including emphasising specific listings to which you’d like to draw bookings and offering promotional discounts in the form of coupons. 

  • Why use Guesty’s vacation rental website builder?

    You’ve got options when it comes to website builders, so why use Guesty’s? First, Guesty’s rental property website builder is tailored to the specific needs of short-term property managers, so you won’t have to play around with thousands of templates in search of the one that suits your business.

    Another plus is that Guesty’s booking websites are automatically integrated with our software, so you can rest assured that all reservations made through your website will be reflected in your central calendar. Of course, you can connect sites built elsewhere to Guesty through our Open API if you so choose, but creating your site with Guesty allows you to skip that step. 

    And last but not least, Guesty users can enjoy our website builder free of charge. 

  • How can you make the most of your booking site?

    To take full advantage of your vacation rental booking site, we recommend a few best practices:

    • Optimize the site for search engines: Incorporate commonly terms that are commonly searched for by would-be travelers your website content so that your site pops up as a result when they perform their searches (example: book vacation home online). 
    • Stamp it with your branding: Branding is critical for any business. Once travelers start to recognize your logo and colors, they’ll be more likely to see you as a reliable vendor.
    • Create coupons: Offering coupons to returning guests or guests celebrating special occasions is a great way to get bookings and earn loyalty. 
    • Feature listings: Added a new listing to your portfolio? Have one that isn’t getting as much attention? Consider featuring them so travelers will notice them when they visit your website.
    • Promote it: Encourage people to visit your site by posting it to social media. Adding a fun, informative blog to your site is a great way to draw visits and boost your traffic.

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