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Vacation rental maintenance: Some common problems and their solutions

It’s becoming increasingly well-known that vacation rental hosting can be a profitable business, but it’s important not to forget that it can be difficult and time-consuming as well. It’s not as simple as walking away from your rental property and waiting for guests to find their own way there while their payments find you.

One of the most important aspects of running a vacation rental business is keeping the property in its best condition. After all, that’s what sells your service.

That’s what sets you apart from others.

That’s what people look for.

When people rent a home or property for vacation, they are looking for a property that is clean, well-designed, and well-maintained – inside and out.

Vacation Rental Property

As the owner, it is your responsibility to keep the property secure and give your guests peace of mind throughout their stay.

It’s normal to have all sorts of home repair problems every now and then – leaky faucets, cracks on the walls, or holes on the roof. However, a property that isn’t taking preventative measures and fixing any pressing issues fast will see a lot of complaints and bad reviews – and ultimately, the business will suffer.

Here are some of the most common vacation rental maintenance problems and their key solutions. Paying attention to these can help you maintain a good-looking, comfortable and secure vacation rental property while keeping the cost low.

Vacation Rental Maintenance

Keep Your Home Clean

It’s very rare for guests to leave a vacation home clean and organized after their stay. After all, it’s not their job.

They’ve paid for the comfort and use of the property. Keeping the property clean all the time is your job as the owner, and it can be challenging – especially if you don’t live near the property.

If you wait for the need to clean to present itself, chances are you will be unprepared to get the proper amount of cleaning done; you can have schedule conflicts, the cleaners can have schedule conflicts, and plenty of other things have the chance to go wrong.

That’s why things are so much easier to manage when you’ve established a regular cleaning schedule – hiring a service to do a regular cleanup of your vacation home every week or two, for instance. And within the cleaning arena, there are a few essential cornerstones to always prioritize.

Requesting another touch-up cleaning service specifically before guests arrive can also be beneficial – your guests know the difference between a place that’s been recently cleaned, and a place that simply hasn’t been used. Ultimately, there’s no such thing as “too clean.”

Keep the Premises Secure

Keeping your vacation rental home secure should be your top priority.

The basic requirements for home security include: installing security cameras and alarms. Additionally, you may want to invest in high-quality locks and deadbolts for main doors, window locks if the windows are susceptible in the surrounding area, and safes for inside the home.

Some vacation destinations, especially urban markets, would benefit from advanced security systems. The added security might even be a deciding factor for travelers to choose your property.

You also want to install smart lighting systems or motion-activated lights. Lights with timers can help give people the appearance that there are people inside the house and discourage others from snooping around. Smart lights can be programmed to turn off or on during specific hours, which can help reduce your electricity bill.

You should also make sure that the house is equipped with the following supplies:

  • Fire extinguishers
  • First aid kits
  • Smoke/CO detectors

Keep Your Garden Green

Though it may not be your first priority, maintain the outdoor area of your vacation rental home. After all, it’s the first thing your guests see, and first impressions always count.

Garden care can be a tough job if you don’t do it routinely, so seasonal lawn cleanups are recommended.

These are some of the common chores required to keep your outdoor areas in good conditions:

  • Regularly clean gutters and downspouts from leaves and debris
  • Inspect exterior caulk and walls for damaged wood or pest infestation.
  • Repaint walls, gates and fences when needed.
  • If your vacation rental property has a swimming pool, it must be cleaned regularly as well. Check on the pool water, and specifically if the filtration system is working. Two or three times a week during the summer season, and at least once a week during the winter are all you need to keep everything in its optimal condition.

Cover the Bases to Better Your Business

Making sure that your vacation rental home is clean, secure and well-maintained will keep your property in ideal shape – and keep a steady flow of satisfied customers. Once all of your maintenance is taken care of, you’ll have time to focus on the many other ways you can provide your guests with an amazing experience.


This post was provided by Megan Jones, a blogger, mother of two children and camping lover who specializes in writing about building maintenance and damage restoration. You can find more of Megan’s work on, where she works as a content manager.

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