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Transparent webinar: How data can help you double your short-term rental business in 2020

You’ve heard that knowledge is power. In the latest Guesty webinar, Transparent Account Manager Lucy Driver reveals just how true that is for short-term property management companies seeking to scale their businesses.

After a brief intro from Guesty’s Business Development Manager, Sheli Grumet, Lucy breaks down the main drivers of property management revenue: large and effective inventory, high reservation numbers and optimized pricing. She then proceeds to demonstrate how actionable data can contribute to all three, helping property management companies majorly grow their businesses. 

Once you’ve acquired these amazing market insights from Transparent, you’re going to need tools and automations to utilize these findings and start seeing results — and that’s where Guesty comes in. Sheli highlights key features of the Guesty platform that enable more distribution, bookings and revenue, and how you can maximize these capabilities by implementing the data provided by Transparent. Sheli concludes with a mention of Guesty’s Marketplace, which connects our users with solution providers across all different verticals. Like Transparent, these dozens of other partners can also be paired with Guesty to further accelerate and simplify your journey towards the finish line.

The floor was then opened to questions from viewers. Here are some highlights:

Q&A Session

Q: From which OTAs does Transparent draw its data?

Transparent draws its data from Airbnb, VRBO, and TripAdvisor, covering a total of 32 million listing.  

Q: How do Guesty users get access to Transparent?

You can find all of our partners on our Marketplace. As a Guesty user, if you click on Transparent, there’s a link that walks you through requesting a demo or signing up with Transparent, and that’s a really easy way for you to get started. 

Q: What other types of automation capabilities does Guesty have beyond what was mentioned in the webinar?

We mentioned automated reviews and auto-messages during the webinar. Guesty also offers automated pricing, auto-tasks so you can automate task creation and distribution to your staff,  and an auto-payment processing feature so you can automate the entire payment collection process based on when you want to collect payments. 

Q: Does Transparent automatically detect holidays and events or do users have to manually input them?

Transparent internally enters major events for every market in the world so they are accounted for. 

Q: How do users link Guesty with OTAs such as

Though you can sync your Guesty dashboard with any number of channels, it’s important to consider which channels will actually be strategic for your business. 

Guesty makes it really easy to integrate with channels. You either set up your inventory on Guesty, or if you’re already listed on specific channels, we can pull that information into the Guesty dashboard. 

Once the information is there, you can go into our Marketplace, where we house our OTA integrations and choose which channel you’d like to list on and even which specific properties you’d like to display on that channel. It can all be done from Guesty through our Channel Manager.  

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