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The top 10 US ski cities to invest in a vacation rental property

Lots of people think of pools and pina coladas when they hear the word ‘vacation,’ but for many travelers, snow-covered slopes and roasted marshmallows are just as good a reason to pack their bags and head out of town. 

Thinking of investing in winter vacation rentals to capture this booming market of boot-wearing, hood-toting vacationers? We combined forces with AirDNA to bring you the top ten ski cities in the US where you should set up shop.

To give you a clear view of your potential, each of these winter wonderlands has been ascribed an investability grade, which was calculated by AirDNA based on a comparison of the cost of homes (per Zillows) in the area with the average short-term rental income of full-time rental properties. The higher the score, the better the investment opportunity. Visit AirDNA’s vacation rental data library for more useful facts and figures.

10. North Troy, Vermont

Investability grade: 91.39

North, Troy Vermont

9. Ludlow, Vermont

Investability grade: 93.37

Ludlow, Vermont

Fun fact: The 2019 ski season in Vermont attracted over 123,000 guests, earning Airbnb hosts $22.3 million in supplemental income. That might explain why Vermont makes multiple appearances on this list!

8. Intervale, New Hampshire

Investability grade: 94.07

Intervale, New Hampshire

7. Lincoln, New Hampshire

Investability grade: 94.86

Lincoln, New Hampshire

6. North Conway, New Hampshire

Investability grade: 97.13

Fun fact: According to Guesty’s data, there has been a 543% increase of unique listings in New Hampshire over the past year. We’re betting property managers are flocking there for more than just maple syrup. 

North Conway, New Hampshire

5. Newry, Maine

Investability grade: 97.33

Newry, Maine

4. Stowe, Vermont

Investability grade: 97.73

Stowe, Vermont

3. Telluride, Colorado

Investability grade: 100.00

Telluride, Colorado

Fun fact: One of the most popular ski towns for vacation rentals, Colorado welcomed a 178% increase of short-term rental property managers from 2018-2019, most definitely due in huge part to its appeal to travelers. 

2. Government Camp, Oregon

Investability grade: 100.00

Government Camp, Oregon

1. Norden, California

Investability grade: 100.00

Norden, California

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