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Guesty’s Integrations Marketplace Just Got a Whole Lot Better

We’ve Renovated Our Integrations Marketplace The Integrations Marketplace is one of our most important features, as it allows our users to seamlessly sync external management tools with their Guesty accounts, making Guesty a truly end-to-end solution. Now, we’ve completely refurbished

Introducing Operto: The Complete Property Automation Solution

Remember Slickspaces? A prominent member of our Integrations Marketplace, the keyless entry provider has recently undergone some major renovations that we think our mutual customers will be more than pleased to hear about. Slickspaces has evolved into a full property

The 15 Most Popular Spring Break Destinations in the US

For families and students, Spring Break means a much-needed respite from textbooks, classes or just the humdrum of everyday life. But for short-term property managers, it means $$$ – especially if you’ve got listings in a super hot Spring Break

Going Global: Guesty is Now Available in 5 New Languages

Guesty’s been breaking down barriers for our clients since we first launched.  Now we’re kicking down one more, and it’s a big one. We’ve been hard at work on a game-changing initiative and are thrilled to announce that the Guesty mobile

Out With iCal, in With Guesty

How Our Syncing Tools Centralize Your Business in One Place Leave Basic Behind As a short-term property manager who’s getting multiple reservations for multiple properties across multiple platforms (say that 5x fast), you need an efficient way to keep track