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INFOGRAPHIC: Is It Too Soon To Talk About Christmas? Winter Holiday Travel 2021

July 26, 2021 |

More than a year and a half into the pandemic, trends show that travel is recuperating and that both Americans and Brits are planning further in advance than ever before. 

In fact, Christmas reservations in the US are already up 81% compared to 2020 and 45% compared to pre-Covid 2019 volume, showing that it’s never too soon to talk about Christmas. 

And the holiday weekend is already projected to be the most expensive weekend for travel in 2021, far surpassing the country’s summer holidays of Memorial Day Weekend, July 4th Weekend, and Labor Day Weekend. With widespread vaccine availability across the US, families, and friends look forward to celebrating together after last year’s Covid-restricted winter. 

And across the pond in the UK, reservations are already up 29% compared to 2020. Even though 2021 reservation volume still has not caught up to pre-Covid levels, the numbers are not far behind and trends suggest that volume will catch up and exceed 2019 levels as long as recovery continues its current trajectory. 

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