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How to Ready Your Rentals for Guests With Digital Nomad Visas

July 22, 2021 |

With pandemic restrictions preventing people from working in their offices, 2020 was the year when many were forced to adopt a new ‘work from anywhere’ mentality. As a result, more and more are identifying as digital nomads: traveling professionals generating remote incomes, constantly exploring new destinations, and discovering different ways of life. Recently, countries around the world have recognized the importance and growing abundance of digital nomads, and are now offering Digital Nomad Visas that permit these individuals to live and work there remotely for an extended period of time.

What does this mean for you? It means now is the time to tailor your rentals to those who may have a Digital Nomad Visa, and get creative with how you can appeal to these types of travelers as they seek comfortable spaces to live and work in. Appealing to this niche in the market and drawing in Digital Nomad Visa holders can ultimately boost your booking rates, strengthen your reviews, and help you to gain a new foothold in the market. 

Here are some tips & tricks to help you bring digital nomads to your rentals:

Offer Discounts Targeted At Digital Nomads

Within your listing descriptions, offer special discounts or length-of-stay offerings for travelers with Digital Nomad Visas. This type of discount could offer 1 week free for every 2 months booked, for example, to those who can prove they have this type of visa. Incentivizing these types of travelers to stay in your property, at a time when they are in higher demand than ever, can instantly help you to lure them towards your listings. 

Incorporate Work From Home Features

Consider adding a home office or workspace if you don’t have one in your rentals already. This can be something as simple as filling an empty nook in the property with a desk or converting an unused space into an office. People need to see it to believe it, so if your property is equipped with the right ‘work from home’ essentials – such as WiFi and a desk – then be sure to include a clear description and photos within your listings. 

Set Your Listings Apart 

Every rental has its own unique flair, so highlight the luxuries that make your listing stand out to help potential guests see why it’s so special. Maybe your listing has an incredible view from a balcony, an Instagrammable part of the house, a game room, or a hot tub. Luxuries don’t just have to be amenities, though. Be sure to also highlight the details that can improve the guest’s experience, such as high-speed internet or a smart TV. Anything you put within the listing description that may attract renters can end up making a difference. 

Make It Feel Like Home

Digital nomads are not your typical guest who stay a few days to a week. Rather, they consider their rentals to be their homes away from home, which means you need to treat these guests slightly differently than you would your typical visitor. Digital nomads need to know that your listing supports an everyday lifestyle, such as kitchen appliances, laundry, or parking. Include images and descriptions of these amenities within your listing to really seal the deal. 

Flexibility Is Key 

Remember, travelling from place to place is what makes nomads who they are. For that reason, they will definitely be looking for flexible booking or cancellation policies when choosing a rental. Consider offering a check-out date change at no charge if made up to 3 days in advance, for example, to show digital nomads that you are catering to their needs.

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