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Guesty’s New Partners at Rabbu on Why Smart Home Devices Are a Smart Investment

May 21, 2019 |

Guesty is proud to be leading the technological revolution of the short-term rental industry, making the jobs of property managers across the globe smoother, simpler and more efficient. That’s why we’ve recently partnered up with a customer of ours, Rabbu, an advanced automation software that saves our clients both time and stress.

Read on to see what the newest members of Guesty’s Marketplace have to say about the role of technology in short-term property management.


Technology continues to redefine the way individuals interact with the world around them.

The same is true for businesses. Investing in new technologies to push the boundaries of innovation has allowed companies to drive stagnant industries forward in new and unexpected ways.

The vacation rental industry is no exception. While our industry may be steeped in tradition, forward-thinking property owners and managers are actively adopting these new technology-based strategies and smart property management software in order to get back the time and space to focus on the core of their businesses: providing guests with an exceptional experience.

When a property manager invests in a smart home set-up, all parties involved in the short-term rental ecosystem — guests, owners, managers, even contracted workers — benefit.

Here are a few key ways the installation of smart home devices could impact your short-term rental business for the better:

More Secure Stays

When it comes to alternative short-term accommodations, guests need to trust their hosts. Smart home rental properties with devices like smart locks and detectors, signal to guests that you care about their safety and security. Offering guests a sense of security will increase the likelihood of higher reviews and encourage repeat bookings.

Optimized Management Operations

Gone are the days of sending personnel to properties at unfortunate hours. The ability to troubleshoot remotely through smart home technology will not only satisfy employees but also guests when you can solve their issues at the first go round.

Plus, with smart devices capable of carrying out once human-reliant operations like key turnover, you can begin running on a leaner property management team.

Improved Bottom Line

After making the initial investment in your smart home set-up, you’ll find it quickly pays for itself.

Smart thermostats allow you to monitor energy and identify where money is being lost due to inefficient usage. Keyless access devices eliminate money spent on replacing lost or stolen keys. These might not seem like much as singular expenses, but the costs—let alone time spent accounting for them—will add up.

Be sure to advertise smart devices and their benefits within your listings. With a smart home rental property, you provide guests higher value and, in return, can increase your prices.

Greater Control and Visibility

Smart devices give managers increased visibility into what’s happening on their properties. Activity logs give managers oversight on when and how guests and team members are interacting with devices.

When it comes to controlling guest entry, smart locks can eliminate risks that are run with physical keys. They also offer easy monitoring of maintenance workers or cleaners, enabling you to see when they start and finish their tasks.

Having clear insight into how and when the technology is being used is an invaluable reference when you need to problem solve or catch issues before a guest does.

As lines continue to blur between vacation rentals, short-term rentals, and traditional hotel accommodations, guest expectations will hold steady regardless of the type of lodging they book. Smart home technology provides an opportunity to marry the new desire for unique personalized experiences with the precedent for high-level consistency and customer service.

Smart Monitoring of All Your Smart Devices

Technology empowers owners and managers in streamlining operations, but if you’re not careful, it could end up adding yet another layer of management duties, especially if you are incorporating devices on an enterprise scale. That’s where Rabbu comes in.

Rabbu’s automation software manages and monitors the performance of smart home devices within short-term rentals, enabling property owners and managers to eliminate manual processes, secure property access, save on monthly energy costs, and increase revenue. Their hands-off solution simplifies in-home technology so you can get back to what matters most: delivering remarkable guest experiences.

Thanks to an integration with Guesty, Rabbu communicates your real-time guest reservation data to devices so they understand exactly when and how to perform. You can relax knowing technology will function for your guest from check-in to check-out.

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