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5 of the biggest benefits of using a property management software to run your short-term rental business

The short-term property management business is just one industry that has been positively disrupted by technology over the last decade. Gone are the days of having scores of filing cabinets with a plethora of paperwork which held the records of all of the properties in them. That’s all digitized now.

If we take a more myopic view of the industry, it’s clear that the short-term property rental business in particular has seen significant change thanks to technological disruption. Platforms such as Airbnb, HomeAway and have enabled many short-term rental companies to seamlessly access a global marketplace.

For larger outfits, using a multitude of different booking platforms can present a host of challenges related to uniformity and efficiency. This has resulted in the advent of property management software, which in effect sits above the booking platforms, and through API integration creates a centralised ecosystem.

So, what are the benefits for your business of leveraging such software?

Spend Less Time Logging in, and More Time Optimizing Your Listings

Property management software brings multiple booking platforms into one place, and therefore negates the need to constantly log into multiple platforms, which saves a lot of time. Ease of access through a one-stop-shop means more time to optimize your listings and increase your bookings.

Efficiency Is Key

With a unified calendar spanning across all of your booking platforms, it becomes infinitely easier to see where the gaps are and thus where the opportunities lie.

Take Guesty’s Multi-Calendar feature, for example. You can get an instant look at the availability of all your listings at once, no matter how many listings you have or channels you use. This holistic overview improves operational efficiency, and once again frees up your time to spend on the things that matter.

Scalability: Expand Your Business’s Outreach

Cloud-based property management software enables you to scale your business with ease. Add as many platforms and accounts as you wish, and they’ll all still exist under one unified dashboard where they can all be managed simultaneously.

All of Your Communications, In One Place

One of the most important elements of a short-term rental business is being able to communicate with your guests in an effective and timely fashion. Let’s face it, guests can be demanding at times and often expect their hosts to respond to them on a dime.

Having a single thread to manage all of your communications makes guest management a whole lot easier and less cumbersome. With Guesty’s Unified Inbox, you can navigate between guest names and search for correspondence based on listing or even stage of inquiry.

Automate Repetitive Operations

This one is a unique selling point, as the booking platforms offer limited levels of automation. Create message sequences which you can activate at certain stages of the guest booking journey. This way, you can ensure your guests always feel looked after before, during and after their stay, as every property manager knows that excellent service is of the utmost importance.

An End-to-End Solution

Are you reaping the benefits of a property management software? Be sure to check out Guesty’s extensive list of features, so you too can say goodbye to endless Excel spreadsheets and spend more time growing your short-term rental business.

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