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Guesty now supports aparthotel & boutique hotel management

In continuing our mission to power all forms of short-term rental management, we are excited to announce that the Guesty platform now supports aparthotel and boutique hotels. 

Our new suite of features – coupled with our existing core set – enables independent hotel management teams to streamline operations, increase revenue and provide high-quality guest experiences. This tech stack ensures these business models work more efficiently while actively increasing their bottom line & building their brand.

Benefits of powering your aparthotel, boutique hotel or serviced apartment company with Guesty include 24/7 guest support, housekeeping and maintenance tools, pre-stay authentication solutions, the ability to create your own commission-free, branded direct booking website and much more – all of which supplement lean teams with the added support they need to thrive in the new normal. 

As Guesty user, Sune Linegard, Co-Founder of NORD Collection, says: We have been able to increase the level of how our team is performing, without increasing the number of people. Guesty has saved us countless hours.

The core capabilities that Nord Collection, and our other aparthotel users benefit from, include:

  • Channel Manager: Automatically list properties, units and room types  on multiple channels, including your own direct branded booking website, to increase visibility.
  • Revenue Management Tools: Manage and automate rates as well as availability from a single dashboard to boost your bottom line and leverage automated pricing rules to fill occupancy gaps and adjust seasonal pricing.
  • Guest Communication & Experience: Automate pre-stay, in-stay, and post-stay guest communication using our Unified Inbox to avoid any oversight, eliminate manual maintenance & supplement a lean team.
  • Centralized Reservation System: Manage reservations from all sources using our centralized Multi-Calendar; with this tool you can manage overbookings, optimize occupancy and maximize revenue by prioritizing room allocation and creating space for more reservations.
  • Financial Reporting & Analytics: Generate accurate, detailed financial reports on your properties’ earnings to gain insight into your business’s performance using Guesty’s Accounting and Analytics modules.

To learn more about these features and functionalities, head here or request a demo with one of our product experts.

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