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Guesty Acquires MyVR as Consolidation Continues in Short-Term Rentals
Guesty Confirms Acquisition of Fellow PMS MyVR
You Should Try a Toe-Dip Trip This Summer—Here’s How to Do It
Family Travel Gets Complicated Without a Covid Vaccine for Kids
Top 3 Travel Trends Predicted to Shape 2021
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One Year After Pandemic Hit, The Hospitality Industry Is Seeing Signs Of Recovery
Why the Short-Term Rental Ecosystem is an Industry of Winners and Entrepreneurs
Roadmap Announcement Sparks Reservation Volume Surge
Short-Term Rental Bookings Boom In the U.K. After Roadmap Announcement
Investing in Airbnb Rentals: Why You’re Better Off Investing in the Coastal Hotspots
One Year Into The Pandemic, Here’s How The Industry Sees The Current State Of Travel
Lockdown Roadmap; Memorial Plans; Cold Remedy Sales
Demand 'Ten Times Higher Than 2019' and Prices Up By As Much As 50% As Vaccinated Older People Lead the Rush
Grow Your Vacation Rental Portfolio in 2021: Cater to New Travel Personas
Guesty President & COO Named #3 on the Top 20 List of The Most Influential People in VR Technology
Why You Shouldn’t Book Last-Minute Travel Deals
83% Feel Short-Term Rentals Have Won Over Traditional Hotel-Goers
Hotels Expected To Incorporate Short-Term Rentals
Hotels Expected To Co-Opt Short-Term Rentals
15 Technology Trends Disrupting Real Estate Today
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