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Increase win rates with AI that automatically defends your chargebacks

Increase your win rates with AI that automatically defends your chargebacks.
Unlock the power of artificial intelligence with a solution that becomes more effective over time, helping you win back the revenue you earned.

The benefits of using with Guesty

  • Hands free – Integrates with your entire payment ecosystem to eliminate the manual processes and manpower required to respond to fluctuating chargeback volumes
  • Automated – Automated technology provides a tailored chargeback solution per industry per merchant that scales to maintain quality responses regardless of volume
  • Data-Driven: Applied machine learning leveraging A/B testing and industry level benchmarks enables insights to drive continuously improving win and recovery rates

Integration Features

  • All relevant information about reservations, communications and payments are read by Justt
  • Security you can trust – SOC2, ISO27001, GDPR & CCPA compliant. Data pulled will be used to fight chargebacks on your behalf.