Product Webinar: A Deep Dive Into Guesty’s Unified Inbox

July 04, 2019 |


A closer look at Guesty’s all-in-one communication solution

Welcome to the latest installment of Guesty’s product deep dive webinar series, where we discuss one of Guesty’s most popular features: the Unified Inbox.

Listen to Hagar Sened, Product Manager at Guesty, as she breaks down the various features of the Inbox and how it can benefit you as a property manager.

What did we cover?

After a brief introduction to the Guesty ecosystem, we discussed the guest communication challenges facing property managers daily. Next we introduced the Inbox and the benefits Guesty users can enjoy by utilizing it.

There are a lot of different ways that utilizing the Unified Inbox can benefit your property management business. Hagar took some time to provide valuable tips and tricks for using the Unified Inbox to help keep your company and team more organized and efficient.

How the Inbox helps you

The Unified Inbox keeps all of your guest communication in one place – emails, SMS messages and chats with the guests are all centrally located so you can quickly access them when necessary. There are also plenty of filtering and automation options allowing you to segment conversations, snooze them until they become relevant or assign them to specific team members.

Of course, all of these options are also available via the Guesty Mobile Management App, allowing you to manage all guest communication from any location while on-the-go.

Coming soon

We have a lot of amazing features planned for the Inbox roadmap, including WhatsApp messaging for a broader range of guest communication, an inbox-dedicated email address and more!

We concluded with some FAQs that we’ve received about the Inbox.

We hope you enjoyed this webinar and stay tuned for more installments in this product deep dive webinar series.