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A property management calendar that gives you the big picture

View and manage all of your past, present, and future reservations from a single calendar. Gain the visibility you need to maximize occupancy and grow.

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Integrations that drive results

Full visibility, one calendar

Operate more efficiently

Create and manage reservations, block dates, adjust pricing, and more, without having to view each of your listings separately

Maximize occupancy

Identify vacancies in your calendar more easily so you can optimize occupancy by moving guests between identical units or by offering special rates

Sync across channels

List on multiple channels and have reservations automatically synced to one calendar, maximizing exposure while minimizing the risk of errors

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A multi-calendar for all of your listing needs

Create and adjust reservations

Check availability, manually create reservations, or adjust existing reservations all from within the Multi-Calendar. Your actions will automatically sync across all connected booking channels.

Define availability settings

Set the rules for your listings. Define your booking window, set up room preparation times, or edit minimum night stays, nightly rates, and more for each of your listings.

Send a quote

Create a quote for one listing or multiple listings for a single guest. Use the Multi-Calendar to send quotes that prospective guests can book from directly.

Smart calendar rules

Maximize occupancy without double bookings. Group your listings and create smart rules that block them upon reservation, giving you flexibility and allowing you to offer more inventory types without the risk of error.

Filtering capabilities

Find exactly what you need. Filter listings by city, listing status, or custom tags, making it easier to see everything from availability, to cleaning status all in a single view.

Visual enhancements

See what you need at a glance. Color coded entries indicate if a listing is confirmed, reserved, or blocked, while icons show the reservation source and cleaning status of each listing.

Discover why hospitality managers love the Guesty Multi-Calendar

Llano Real Estate, Texas

“We’ve had zero double bookings since using Guesty and I think that ties directly to the Multi-Calendar. When we converted and added Guesty… it made it amazing for all of our guests.”

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Growth by Llano Real Estate in 12 months since implementing Guesty

Wehost, Georgia

Wehost opened the Guesty Multi-Calendar in 2017, and hasn’t closed it since. Their partnership with Guesty has scaled their business at a rapid level, and the goal is 1000 listings by 2025. 

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AppartAli, Morocco

Revenue is up and double bookings are at an all-time low for AppartAli, which attributes results to effective management of bookings through the Multi-Calendar.

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AppartAli’s revenue increase since they started using Guesty

Frequently asked questions

Will all changes made on the Multi-Calendar be reflected across your channels?

Yes. When a change is made on Guesty’s Multi-Calendar, those adjustments are automatically reflected across all channels that the user has synced with Guesty’s platform. Changes made on the actual channels will not be automatically reflected in the Multi-Calendar, so it is important to make your changes in Guesty.

How can you control availability in your calendar?

When configuring your calendar, you can choose to add a number of settings, including a booking window, which states how far in advance guests can make reservations, and advance notice, which defines how much notice is required before a reservation and can prevent last-minute bookings if desired.

In addition to availability settings, Guesty offers calendar management tools that enable users to set and adjust their prices and minimum night rules.

Can the Multi-Calendar be used for multi-unit properties?

Yes. Guesty’s calendar management software that is compatible with multi-listing properties. Every location has its own property management calendar, which displays all relevant information regarding each of its units. With Guesty’s Smart Calendar Rules, you can create automated rules for multi-unit calendars, which are built to maximize occupancy by allowing the relocation of upcoming reservations from one unit to another.

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