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How Nox Rentals boosted their efficiency while staying lean using Guesty

December 17, 2019 |

Nox Rentals is a property management company specializing in luxury accommodations in Cape Town, South Africa.

After recognizing the challenges of all the moving pieces that come along with being a property manager, owner, and founder of Nox Rentals, Richard Marshall, decided to move his entire portfolio over to Guesty. 




Before utilizing Guesty’s automation software, Nox Rentals manually entered every booking into individual calendars for both the property owners and the guests to see. This tedious and manually demanding work resulted in constant inaccuracies in bookings. Guesty’s software allows Nox Rentals to enter guests’ pricing details and contact information into the database in a fraction of the time it took before using Guesty. 


“Guesty has given us the upper edge.”


With the vacation rental industry boom, Marshall said that Guesty has given Nox “the ability to scale our business without scaling the people to run it.”

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