Guesty X Breezeway: An Integration Generating Significant ROI for Shared Users and Stronger, More Successful Customer Relations

August 13, 2020 |
Guesty X Breezeway: An Integration Generating Significant ROI for Shared Users and Stronger, More Successful Customer Relations

Meet Breezeway

Jeremy Gall, Founder and CEO of Breezeway, was working first-hand with thousands of rental managers at FlipKey, a vacation rental listing and review site he also founded, since acquired by TripAdvisor. It was there that Jeremy saw just how difficult it was for property management companies to keep rentals perfectly maintained, safe, clean and prepared for guest arrival. Meeting detailed standards required significant investment in budget and manual effort, with no guarantee that tasks won’t fall through the cracks. 

Meet BreezewayBreezeway was created in 2017 to solve this problem and to bring hospitality-level service optimization to all property management verticals, starting with the vacation rental industry. The software platform and mobile app facilitate the preparation and service of properties to the elevated standards that customers demand. Breezeway’s tools are purpose-built and enable professional operators to seamlessly coordinate internal staff and service partners, track property details and events, and effectively communicate fieldwork with teams, guests and owners.

Breezeway X Guesty

After hearing about the success their users had working with Guesty to power their marketing and reservation services, Breezeway realized that integrating the two systems would drive even more value to customers, elevating property care and operational services for short-term rental property managers. 

Breezeway pulls reservation, guest and property data from Guesty into its internal system in real-time, which makes it easy for mutual clients to run their property care programs. Passing data back and forth also eliminates the need to upload calendar reservations and toggle back and forth between the two platforms. 

“We found that Guesty shared our philosophy in maximizing value for vacation rental operators. Guesty encourages clients to leverage its partner solutions, and it became clear to us that the innovative company would make for a great partnership,” says Jeremy.

Breezeway X GuestyThe Results 

The integration with Guesty has positively impacted Breezeway’s business in a number of ways. Shared users are seeing a significant ROI when using both platforms, such as saved time on task scheduling, less internal confusion about property readiness, fewer missed cleans, higher guest satisfaction, additional billable work, and increased owner retention.

Breezeway has also seen increased client satisfaction and longer, more successful customer relationships. And inclusion in Guesty’s Marketplace of tech partners helps generate qualified leads and drive user acquisition.

Amid COVID-19, Breezeway and Guesty have taken the partnership even further, collaborating as thought leaders across marketing initiatives such as webinars, blogs, and events to help hosts navigate this time.  As the travel landscape continues to change, the two companies are teaming up to share insights and best practices and help managers meet the current challenges and needs of the industry and differentiate their brand. 

“Guesty is one of the most forward-thinking PMS systems and is committed to making their partnerships successful,” says Jeremy.  “As a result, the integrated offering is a beneficial and more valuable product. Partnering with Guesty has been a great business decision, and we look forward to continued success this year and beyond.”

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