How Guesty Helped a Japanese Property Management Company Keep Up With Its Own Pace

June 12, 2018 |
Braekfast Property Management Company

The Background

Back in 2013, the establishment of Breakfast, a Hiroshima-based property management company, was nothing short of ground-breaking.

At that time, Airbnb was an entirely new concept to the Japanese market, which was dominated by small, modest hotel rooms with twin-sized beds and basic furniture. Sensing a need for something different, Ooshi Takayama, Founder and CEO of Breakfast, came up with the idea to merge the traditional hotel room with the fast emerging concept of the more homey vacation rental.

Breakfast offers travelers all the comforts of a Japanese-style private residence with all the conveniences of a hotel, equipped with amenities such as towels, toiletries and, of course, queen-sized beds!


The Challenge

Breakfast has seen impressive growth since its founding and now encompasses over 100 short-term rental properties, but with so many listings to manage and guests to please, the property management company had a hard time keeping up with the demand.

They also had to deal with the fact that many of their clients were spread out across the world, booking their listings and making inquiries from completely different time zones, which made communication difficult. The company turned to several different Property Management Software platforms, but found that they all fell short when it came to providing effective and reliable solutions.

Braekfast Property Management

The Solution

Since Breakfast COO Edward Hsieh discovered Guesty, time differences are no longer an issue. With the help of Guesty’s automation tools, no matter where in the world bookings are made, they are met with prompt responses that assure guests they are dealing with responsible and reliable managers.

Hsieh and the rest of the Breakfast team have found the support at Guesty to be unparalleled when compared to other property management software companies. Any and all issues are immediately addressed and resolved, and diligent efforts are made to prevent future recurrences.

Breakfast Growth Graph

Breakfast had 10 listings prior to signing up with Guesty. They have since multiplied that number by 10, and Guesty’s powerful tools and features have made managing those properties a smooth and stress-free process. With Guesty by their side, Breakfast is well positioned to continue scaling at this incredible pace and to achieve their goal of reaching 1,000 units within the next two to three years!


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