Learn Why Ayres Vacation Rentals is ‘Obsessed with the Guest Experience’ and How Guesty Makes it All Work

June 03, 2021 |

Who doesn’t love a treehouse? Joseph Ayres launched his eight treehouses on May 1st of 2020 in Treehouse Grove, Tennessee. With limited staff amidst a pandemic, Ayres Vacation Rentals sought after Guesty to help guide them towards success and maneuver through unknowns. 

“Guesty has been a huge part in saving a lot of time and hours” – Joseph Ayres, Founder of Ayres Vacation Rentals 

Ayres Vacation Rentals has been utilizing Guesty since they started. Joseph Ayres wants to promise his guests an unforgettable experience. He also strives to be there  for his guests whenever they need him. Thanks to Guesty’s automated messaging feature, Joseph is able to do just that.. He shares that “Guesty saves us at least 40 to 60 hours per week”, allowing Ayres Vacation Rentals to maximize revenue and profit.

Ayres Vacation Rentals has been able to scale greatly, thanks to Guesty, and look forward to growing their business. 

“Guesty allows you to do more, with less”– Joseph Ayres, Founder of Ayres Vacation Rentals

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