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Work-From-Any-Home This Spring at Some of the Top Guesty-Powered Properties

From where we could go to whom we could see, COVID-19 sprung plenty of unexpected limitations on us. After a year of adjusting to a new normal, however, it’s clear that there are certain areas in which the pandemic had quite the opposite effect. A prominent example of this is the opportunity the pandemic gave to companies across the globe to test drive remote working models, a venture that, in many cases, proved not only necessary, but surprisingly effective. 

With a newfound, widespread flexibility to work outside of the office, one that many now anticipate will long outlast the pandemic, an increasing number of employees have joined the community of digital nomads, whose jobs afford them the freedom to not just work from home, but work from any home. If you count yourself among the growing sector of travelers just looking for a new and exciting backdrop for their untethered careers, you should also count yourself lucky; With short-term property management companies taking note of this emerging travel persona, there’s no shortage of accomodations catering to the unique needs of the remote worker. 

In no particular order, here are just a few of the Guesty-powered properties guaranteed to serve up the ultimate meeting point of productivity and leisure this spring. 

  1. Joshua Tree Oasis

Providing a combination of peace and entertainment, this desert property by Marbella Lane is perfect for digital nomads seeking a quiet place to work and social distance and still find plenty of exciting ways to spend their downtime. The listing is tucked away in a scenic location just minutes away from Joshua Tree National Park, and is equipped with fiber optic WiFi, game tables, an outdoor grill, a stone fire pit and a sleeping tower that’s just right for stargazing. 

  1. Upscale Québec Penthouse 

In effort to accommodate a growing consumer base of remote workers, property management company LIV MTL has revamped their properties to include office spaces and “blazing fast” WiFi. This modern Soho penthouse, both luxurious and kid- and pet-friendly, is just one of their upgraded listings for which they’re offering an attractive discount for longer stays. 

  1. Modern 2 Bedroom in Bradenton

If it’s vacation vibes you’re after, then head to Bradenton, Florida where Viagem is ready to meet your digital nomadic needs. When they’re not putting in the hours in a comfortable, laptop friendly workspace, guests at this contemporary property can access the on-premises gym and pool as well as nearby beaches and sports facilities. 

  1. Red Rock Retreat

Serenity meets adventure at D. Alexander’s Sedona-based oasis, which boasts comfortable work areas with vibrant views of the majestic red rock mountains. And when it’s time to unplug, you can choose to explore the great outdoors or bask in the on-grounds luxuries, including a hot tub, fire pit and a grill-equipped patio.  

  1. Solitude in the Swiss Alps

Speaking of views, we’ve got to direct you to well – just about any of the stunning locations on Smiling House’s expansive portfolio, starting with a Gstaad-adjacent chalet that’ll make you wonder how you ever worked in a boring, old office. Close enough to the city for quick access, but far enough away to provide solitude, this property is surrounded by stunning sights ready to inspire. 

  1. The Top of the Tel Aviv

What better place to set up office than the bustling heart of the startup nation? Providing desks that overlook the Mediteranean through massive wall-to-wall windows, HolyGuest’s White City Tower condo serves up colorful decor and a bright backdrop to power productivity. 

  1. Paradise at 70 Pine

It may not be the same jungle it was pre-COVID, but if any city is going to get your creative juices flowing it’s New York. And if that’s where you’re headed for your next work-from-any-home adventure, you’d better make sure 70 Pine is that home. Managed by Mint House, who’s revolutionized hospitality for business travelers, the property offers spacious suites, a state-of-the art fitness center, a bowling alley and just about everything a digital nomad could ask for. 

With incredible properties like these to serve as their new working quarters, it’s no wonder remote employees are increasingly jumping aboard the digital nomad trend. Whether you’re traveling solo or with a family in tow, there’s a property out there for you just waiting to help you indulge your need for adventure after a year of staying put.

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