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5 reasons to offer luggage storage options to guests this winter

This is a guest post from Guesty Marketplace partner LuggageHero, a luggage storage solution.

Do guests often request to store their luggage at your rental property before check-in or after checkout? This is a common struggle for many property management companies today, who may not have common spaces like hotels, where they can easily keep large items for extended periods of time. Property managers are therefore often unable to fulfill such requests, which can inconvenience guests who want to explore their destinations hands-free, especially when winter weather conditions make the streets a whole lot less friendly to suitcase wheels. 

Fortunately, there are luggage storage solutions that take the burden off the plates of property management companies, while still allowing them to meet the needs of their guests. Take a look at the top 5 reasons property managers should consider offering luggage storage options to their guests. 

1. It makes for happy guests

Imagine your guests have a check-out time of 11am, but their flight isn’t until 11pm. Now imagine they also have 3 suitcases that they must drag around with them the whole day, possibly in the rain or snow! It’s close to impossible for them to enjoy themselves in that situation, and you can assume it will make for a negative experience on their end. How do you fix this problem? Offer your guests a luggage storage option, such as LuggageHero, to help them find locations all over major cities to store their baggage. Whether this service comes with a fee or not, guests will undoubtedly be happier knowing they have the option to safely store their luggage for as long as they need and we all know that happy guests lead to five-star reviews. 

2. It’s a time-saver

Having to constantly deal with luggage storage requests from your guests can be exhausting and incredibly time-consuming. Once a property management company has a luggage storage solution in place, they can rest easy knowing their guests have a trusted option to turn to and can focus their attention elsewhere.

3. It’s an incentive to choose your property

When faced with the choice between a rental that provides a luggage storage solution and one that does not, it’s safe to assume travelers are going to choose the one that offers that extra perk. Even if a guest may not end up needing or using a luggage storage solution on a particular trip, it sure feels better to have it as an option in case of airline delays or anything else that may leave them stranded with their bags for a stretch of time.

4. It’s easy

Many property management companies have not integrated a luggage storage solution into their operations because they are simply not aware of just how easy it is. While the integration may seem difficult at first,  luggage storage companies want to partner with property managers, which is why so many of them have worked hard to make their integrations so pleasantly easy, smooth and fast. For most, it only takes a few steps and then voilà – you have somewhere to send your guests when they need luggage storage! 

5. It’s secure

One reason property management companies tend to stay away from luggage storage is that they don’t want to take responsibility for their guests’ belongings. What if a suitcase is lost or stolen? For this reason, most luggage storage companies actually provide insurance. LuggageHero, for example, provides up to £2,200 in insurance to replace lost or stolen items. That way, property managers are not only able to help their guests, but they’re able to do it with peace of mind knowing that they will not be liable for any potential mishaps. 

To improve your overall guest experience, it’s important to consider luggage storage options for all your properties. It might just be the missing link that’s needed to improve your business – and it’s a step that you can easily take. 

There’s more where that came from

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