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Why Expedia deserves a place in your channel management strategy

More channels means more bookings and allows you to charge more per booking. 

As a property manager, you may have never considered Expedia as a distribution partner for vacation rentals because Expedia has long been perceived as solely for hotels, flights and rent-a-cars. However Expedia has evolved and is no longer just a marketplace for traditional accommodations and now works with “properties of all shapes and sizes”. 

Because of its unique positioning in between short-term rentals and hotels, Expedia is an ideal fit for property managers who want to boost their occupancy rates and attract new guests from outside their standard audience.

There are many benefits to including Expedia in your channel distribution strategy. Below we discuss some of them.

Target new customer segments

Listing on Expedia will allow you to reach an array of different types of guests that other listing sites are not able to give you exposure to. For example you will be able to better target last minute bookers. You’ll also reach travelers who tend to purchase package vacations which means they stay longer and cancel less often. Not to mention, with Expedia Group’s large brand portfolio, your properties will be shown across each of these uniquely segmented, highly targeted sites. Listing on Expedia will expose your properties to a massive number of previously untapped potential guests.

Reach a global audience

Expedia operates globally, with a presence in multiple countries and a wide range of international travelers. Listing your rental on Expedia allows you to tap into this global market, reaching travelers from various parts of the world who may be interested in staying at your property.

A diverse portfolio of brands,, Vrbo, and HomeAway are just a few of the well-known travel brands owned and operated by Expedia. By listing properties on Expedia you are upping the visibility of your properties tremendously, to travelers across all of these different platforms.

Expedia’s marketing strategy

Marketing and advertising is something that Expedia invests heavily in, to promote its platform and properties listed on it. The company employs targeted marketing campaigns, search engine optimization (SEO), and online advertising strategies to drive traffic and increase visibility for listed properties. This robust marketing approach can significantly enhance the exposure of your listings, ensuring they receive a steady stream of potential guests.

Collaborations with travel partners

Expedia collaborates with numerous travel partners, including airlines, car rental companies, and tour operators. These partnerships provide hosts and property managers with additional exposure by offering bundled deals and packages that include accommodations. Through these collaborations, Expedia can attract travelers who are actively seeking accommodations along with other travel services, increasing the visibility of properties listed on the platform.

Give Expedia a go

As the industry has evolved, so has Expedia, positioning itself as an extremely important and strategic listing channel for hosts and property managers. Expedia was one of the earliest online travel agencies (OTAs), and is a legacy name in the hospitality industry. Its strong presence provides lots of opportunities for those who use it. Listing your rentals on multiple channels is easy with Guesty. Learn more.

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