Top Travel Apps Your Airbnb Guests Should Be Using

November 20, 2016 |

Seeing a tourist with a guidebook in their hand is a rare occurrence nowadays thanks to smartphones and tablets being the preferred choice. Apps are now the go-to option for helping travelers navigate their way through new places and allowing them to get the most out of their adventure.

While some people do have their favorites, there are plenty of apps available that can make all the difference – and recommending them to your guests can help you get extra points.

Here are the Top Travel Apps Your Airbnb Guests Should Be Using:

Planning a trip, whatever the weather is

Good weather plays a huge part in making any trip successful so it’s best to be in the know – and use an app or two. If your guests ask for suggestions then either Weather XL or WeatherPro are great to help with their plans and let them get the most out of their trip.

The Ultimate Travel Organizer

For any tourist who likes to plan and know what’s on their schedule, TripIt is the app to keep everything on track and in the same place. Forward any confirmation emails and receive a detailed daily itinerary to help you keep on top of everything. It works best with Gmail where it can lift information automatically and can be synced with most calendars.

The app is also easily accessible offline which is a relief to tourists trying to avoid roaming fees.

A Push in the Right Direction

Speaking of WiFi and roaming fees, the last thing a traveler needs is to be lost and face a huge bill when they return. If you’re thinking of helpful suggestions for guests, offline map apps should be high on the list. After all, who wouldn’t want the world in their pocket with no internet required?

Maps.Me is a top choice that comes with offline travel guides amongst its features. For Apple device owners, there is the choice between Pocket Earth or OffMaps which are for the iPhone, iPod or iPad.

The ATM Finder

A feeling to avoid on any trip is the panic of realizing you need money in an unfamiliar place and no idea how to find an ATM. PinPin ATM finder is a nifty little app that can locate ATM’s in over 220 countries and is perfect for anyone in a new city – or even a familiar place if you’ve never looked for an ATM until you need one.

Getting around

Finding your destination on a map is one thing but actually getting there can be an experience in an unfamiliar city. If your guests are planning on finding their own way around town then suggesting a helpful app or two can be more useful than you realize.

If door-to-door service is your thing then Uber will bring the cab to you with a few taps and no hassle. For public transport information, HopStop has a great database to help with hundreds of cities to choose from.

Avoiding conversion confusion

Nobody likes feeling like they’ve been ripped off, especially on holiday and dealing with a foreign currency. Rates change constantly but it helps to have an idea of when you need to calculate prices. XE Currency is the top easy-to-use app for currencies on-the-go and is definitely one to recommend.

Experiencing the local dishes

Visiting a new place brings with it the experience of trying a different cuisine. Urbanspoon is a great app for the adventurous with a slot-machine style of randomly finding local places. While you can pick a price point and genre, the app works best when left up to chance.

Another popular dining related app to consider is OpenTable which helps locate restaurants nearby, browse the menu and book a reservation.

Tipping in a foreign country can be an interesting experience with different places having different customs. That’s where Tipulator helps. It’s a clever app that takes the maths away to show how much to tip you should leave along with the option of working out what individuals should pay when dining in a group.

A Helping Hand to Recover From Jet Lag

If your guests are arriving after a long journey then jet lag could be an issue. Getting acclimatized will most likely be a priority and recommending a few helpful apps can go a long way. JetlagGenie can help travelers be at the top of their game, regardless of the time zone. If you know your guests are long-distance travelers then it could be worth mentioning this one in advance.

Be Ready For An Emergency

It helps to be prepared, but nobody wants to carry a list of every possible number they could need with them while traveling. Luckily, there’s an app for that. TravelSafe Pro is a potentially life-saving collection of emergency numbers for pretty much any country you may visit, along with embassy details – and no internet or WiFi required. An emergency is stressful enough without having to search for information, making this a must-have for travelers and a great suggestion for a host to recommend.

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