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Product webinar: Streamline & scale your aparthotel & boutique hotel operation with Guesty

With the goal of expanding Guesty’s offering to address the needs of different verticals within the short-term rental industry, we’re thrilled to announce that the Guesty platform now also supports the management of hotel-like businesses, including aparthotels and boutique hotels. 

Join Joseph Binestock, Guesty’s Director of Sales for the Americas, as he provides an in-depth tour of our new suite of features specifically designed to facilitate efficient and effective management of multi-unit properties. 

To jump to a specific part of the webinar, refer to these times below:

  • 0:25 – Introduction to Guesty
  • 2:12 – Centralized Reservation Management
  • 4:47 – Organizational Efficiency & Guest Communication
  • 8:16 – Easy & Accurate Reporting
  • 9:58 – Maximize Distribution
  • 11:13 – Revenue Management
  • 13:53 – The Guesty Impact

Throughout this webinar you’ll be introduced to tools like our bulk-editor, which enables aparthotel managers to adjust their similar units in one go, and our multi-unit friendly Multi-Calendar, which intuitively assigns reservations to the appropriate units, maximizing occupancy to yield the greatest possible revenue. You will also discover the many other ways Guesty can help you streamline your management operations, deliver an unparalleled guest experience and ensure your hotel provides the highest standard of hospitality. 

To get started managing your aparthotel with Guesty, click here.

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