October Marketplace Roundup: Meet Our Newest Partners

October 12, 2021 |

Holiday bookings are in full swing across the globe and what better time to make sure your guests have everything they need to make their stay more enjoyable and increase your revenue simultaneously. With these new marketplace partners added to our Marketplace this month, we have no doubt your business will benefit. 


GEO: Global

Property managers can reduce repeat questions from guests with RueBaRue Digital Guestbooks.  By providing everything they need for their visit, like arrival times, house rules, instructional videos, and a local area guide, all in a single place, you can reduce unnecessary calls from guests by over 50%. 

With Guesty integration, RueBaRue can create guestbooks for each home in seconds and has the ability to import custom rental information such as WiFi, driving directions, and much more, to make sure that all your guests have to do is sit back and enjoy their vacation.


GEO: Global

Welcome guests before they even arrive with HelloGeorge. A hotel upselling software where you can generate extra revenue by offering additional services, custom offers, and tips on local attractions to make your guest’s stay even more enjoyable. 

Their integration with Guesty ensures real-time inventory and dynamic offerings are available to your guests, giving them a great experience. 

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