Local Property Manager Spotlight: GuestReady

May 15, 2017 |

* This article is part of a series where we take a deeper look into local property managers operating alongside of us in the Airbnb sub-economy. 


As the sharing economy continues to disrupt the vacation rental industry, more and more people are finding themselves suddenly burdened with the responsibilities of being a professional host. While some hosts find themselves overwhelmed with the workload, others have excelled and grown to establish a global presence. We checked in with Manant from global Airbnb Management startup GuestReady, to discuss how they have managed to scale, where they see the industry going, and how they help overworked hosts.  


Where is GuestReady based?

We have built GuestReady on a very decentralized structure with self-sufficient teams in each of our markets that manage their own business and client relationships independently. Our choice of markets is characterized by fast moving cities that are (developing into) large Airbnb centers. Paris is Airbnb’s largest market, and London is among the top. Singapore is home to Airbnb’s APAC HQ, and Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur are seeing some steep increases in demand.


You are now in 5 global cities. How is the local Airbnb scene there and how do you guys manage to operate in such culturally diverse markets?

All of our markets are global business and tourism hubs, which there is a similarity in terms of these cities being the world’s most dynamic when it comes to Airbnb and real estate investments for short-term rentals. In terms of differences, we see that the market is very developed in London and Paris, whereas its just unraveling in Asia, which only means a potential for stronger growth. We have local founders in each country to manage the varied cultural nuances, and have built an international team that has lived and worked in a multitude of countries thereby enhancing our cultural comprehension.


How do you help hosts?

Our motto is “to take the hassle out of hosting”. In line with this, once a host signs with us, we take over all the operations related to welcoming and turning over guests – starting from guest communication & price management, to cleaning and maintenance of the property. We are constantly striving to earn the best reviews and maximize yield for our clients, while enabling our clients to sit back and benefit from the increase in income and ratings.


When and how did GuestReady come to be?

We launched GuestReady in August 2016 with a view to provide 5 star quality service standards in short let apartments. The idea of GuestReady evolved from the understanding that although Airbnb is a great way to travel like a local by living in a place with character, often you never know what to expect from your rental until you get there. We considered the host’s perspective as well, that managing a vacation rental with high service standards can be as time consuming as a full time job. We established our presence in global business hubs as our services are especially useful for people with little time on their hands to manage a vacation rental.


What do you see as the future of Airbnb and Vacation Rental platforms?

The hospitality industry has seen massive disruption since the rise of Airbnb, and it is surely here to stay. The presence of Airbnb in the ecosystem enables a lot more people to travel, make some extra money by renting out their homes, and experience cities in a whole new way. Guests and hosts both seem to love it, and if you ask us, the only way to go is up!


Any plans for what’s next to come?

We are experiencing immense growth in our business, and we wish to continue the momentum by further enforcing our presence in our current cities and expanding into additional cities.



If you’re currently a host (or planning to become one) in London, Paris, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Kuala Lumpur, you can reach out to Manant and the team at or visit them to learn more here:


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