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July Marketplace Roundup: Guest Verification, Finding the Best Tradesmen for the Job, Guest Gift Boxes & More

August 11, 2019 |

From an innovative guest verification system to a unique app sure to enhance your guests’ experience, July has brought a handful of valuable new integrations and partnerships to Guesty’s Marketplace. Want to bring more of your business operations home to your Guesty dashboard? Check out these new external tools you can sync with your accounts to make running your short-term rental company a whole lot smoother.

Here are the integrations we added this month:

Autohost: Short-term rental guest screening

Renting out properties to strangers is inherently a risky business and vacation rental managers would be wise to minimize that risk wherever possible. Autohost, a company founded by one of Guesty’s very own users, is a screening assistant that scans all your reservations and determines risk level. The platform outlines steps want-to-be guests can take to reduce their score (usually providing additional documentation or answering specific questions) as well as recommendations for hosts to minimize their vulnerability during each stay. 

How the integration works: Autohost will analyze incoming reservations to assign a risk level to each guest. It will then set up the check-in screening process, including a selection of recommended saved replies, auto messages and more.

Jak: Short-term rental maintenance solution

In  a world where electrical outages and clogged toilets are commonplace, short-term rentals managers must stay on top of the maintenance of their properties or risk getting negative reviews from some pretty unimpressed guests. Fortunately, Jak App offers a quick and simple solution for Australia-based hosts with any sort of issue in their rentals, from a leaky sink to a blown fuse and everything in between. 

Simply log into the app, post the job and sit tight until a pre-approved, fully qualified maintenance professional accepts the task.

How the integration works: JAK App will retrieve listings from Guesty, allowing users to easily create work orders for a pool of qualified tradesmen.

Here are the community partners we added this month:

Slice Labs: Insurance for short-term rentals

Slice offers an on-demand, usage-based insurance for short-term rentals. Their policies include two million dollars in public and commercial liability, the full replacement cost of your home and its contents, plus an additional 10+ coverages specific to short-term renting including infestation, vandalism, loss of income, and more.

Welcome: Guest experience service

Want more ways to enhance your guest experience? The best gifts come in boxes…and earn you five-star reviews. Welcome provides vacation rental managers with carefully curated welcome boxes filled with snacks, amenities and personalized property information, there to greet your guests and give them a great first impression.

With a variety of subscription plans and box types to choose from, Welcome ensures each host gets exactly what they need to woo their guests.

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