Introducing Operto: The Complete Property Automation Solution

March 25, 2019 |

Remember Slickspaces? A prominent member of our Integrations Marketplace, the keyless entry provider has recently undergone some major renovations that we think our mutual customers will be more than pleased to hear about.

Slickspaces has evolved into a full property automation solution called Operto, here to provide “operational efficiency and a personalized guest experience.” We sat down with Mike Anderson, Director of Partnerships at Operto, to get the inside scoop on their recent developments and to find out how our users can benefit from them.

Here’s what we discussed:

1. Can you give us a closer look at some of your newer features?

We’ve implemented four solutions that create an integrated ecosystem, which can be managed through a powerful new dashboard.

(1) Access – Seamless guest entry fully automated through the integration with Guesty.

(2) Comfort & Energy –  Temperature and air quality control to ensure that each guest has a comfortable stay, which has the happy side-effect of reducing a listing’s monthly utility bill by 10-30%.

(3) Security –  Noise and CO2 monitoring, which helps estimate occupancy and ensures everyone is playing by the rules and properties are protected.

(4) Experience – From a personalized welcome message on your TV screen to the option to stream shows directly from their phones, make your guest feel like they’re walking into a space designed just for  them.


2. What makes you stand out from other home automation solutions?

There are too many disconnected point solutions these days and devices don’t speak to each other. It’s manageable when you have a handful of units, but implodes at scale. Operto curates the best devices available and integrates them into a central management platform, giving property managers real-time insight and control over their units in a scalable way.


3. What additional value can Operto bring to Guesty users?

Without Guesty much of the magic couldn’t happen. Our deep integration with Guesty allows us to send guests check-in information automatically through the channel where they made their booking. This is so much better than a confusing 3rd party email or asking someone to download another app. And the partnership with Guesty is getting stronger every day. Our shared roadmap has some incredible features to optimize operations and boost revenue – coming soon!


4. How does Operto help property managers coordinate with their team members?

Operto has robust group and team functionality, allowing you to segment your portfolio and assign local management. Our expanded Access offering has built-in alerts that help optimize the scheduling of cleaners and service staff through automatic text and emails as well as codes that signal the completion of a task.

5. How do Operto’s features help monitor rule compliance?

We measure noise and CO2 levels to estimate the number of people in a unit and make sure everyone’s playing by the rules. We combine all of these inputs to create a risk score. Noise above 70 dB? CO2 through the roof? Lock’s been opened 15 times in ten minutes? Yeah, that’s a party. And you didn’t even get invited!


6. How can Operto save property managers time and money?

Time IS money. For busy property managers, automation is liberation and the Guesty integration puts guest entry on auto-pilot. The time they’ve saved by skipping check-in and check-out logistics can be spent focusing on more important parts of the business, like growth!

Operto can also boost revenues thanks to early check-ins, improved cleaning turnover that enables same-day reservations, and increased bookings thanks to better guest reviews. Clients can charge homeowners a premium for Operto’s added security benefits. We’ll even knock 10-30% off the monthly utility bill and lower their insurance costs.


7. How does the product work?

The Guesty integration automatically pulls each property and guest reservation into our system, and then we’re off and running. The on-site magic happens using best-in-class locks, smart home controllers, and our unit sensor. You can layer in more from there – thermostats, light switches, smart TV’s. The smart home industry is exploding with innovation and all of these devices allow property managers to configure guest preferences remotely and provide an unforgettable experience.


Onwards and Upwards

The company’s rebranding reflects their maturation into a much larger solution. They’ve expanded from keyless entry to a comprehensive series of operational and guest experience solutions, all purpose-built for property managers.

Why “Operto”? Operto is from the Italian word aperto; meaning to open, and, with their new functionalities, they are guaranteed to open more than just doors for guests and their hosts.


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