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Guesty Partner Journera On Making Domestic Travel Easier for Professional Hosts

This is a guest post by Guesty’s Marketplace partner Journera, a guest experience and management software.

Every professional short-term property manager knows that accommodating guest requests is one of the most important components of the job. After all, happy guests means positive reviews, customer loyalty and, ultimately, higher occupancy rates – pandemic or no pandemic.

Still, as much as you might want to honor every guest request, you’re working in a business with lots of moving parts and can’t always bend over backwards without jeopardizing your operations. That is, unless you have sophisticated tools in place to help you increase flexibility. 

With domestic travel on the rise as individuals adjust to the new normal, Guesty partner Journera is here to tell us how property management companies can stay on top of their guests’ travel itineraries so they can better anticipate their needs and readily fulfill last-minute requests. 

“Hey, we are arriving at 9:00 AM. Any chance we can check in early?” 

Every short-term rental property manager has encountered some variation of this request – the early check in or the late check out – dozens, if not hundreds, of times.

Your guests think they’ve made a “simple” request. But as we all know, accommodating these requests requires real-time knowledge of the comings and goings of many other guests across your short-term rental portfolio. Gaining that info requires time and energy that you don’t always have.

Add to that the need to properly schedule cleanings to ready your rentals for the next wave of guests, and a few “simple” guest requests like these can upend your day. On the other hand, failing to offer guests flexibility can negatively impact guest experience and reviews. It’s a classic property management conundrum.

To tackle this problem, Journera provides short-term property managers  with real-time insights into guest arrivals and departures. By automatically matching their bookings with flight arrivals, departures, changes and cancellations, Journera helps property managers coordinate check-ins, plan for peak arrival times, clean properties after guest departures and respond to the impact of unexpected events, such as weather and fluctuating travel restrictions which can result in long delays in arrivals or even cancellations.

Journera works automatically, so you don’t need to ask guests for their flight numbers or engage in a volley of emails, calls or texts to determine when your guests will arrive or depart. The platform works with many of the world’s largest travel companies, like United Airlines and American Airlines, to provide a more complete view of each guest’s trip. 

Now let’s go back to that request and see how it could be handled: 

Guest: “Hey, we are arriving at 9:00 AM. Any chance we can check in early?”

You: “Yes – With Monday morning traffic, you’ll probably be here closer to 10. But that’s not a problem since the time that the occupants are leaving the day prior still gives us a chance to have your units clean and then emptied for a 24-hour window. Looking forward to seeing you and wishing you safe travels!”

Guest: Thank you SO MUCH for accommodating us!!!

Your guests may not realize how much work goes into meeting each and every demand, but they certainly do appreciate a smooth and convenient vacation experience. Contact Journera here to offer more seamless experiences for your guests.  Plus, they offer Guesty users 30 days free to try their integration. 

There’s More Where That Came From

Journera is just one of the many partners in Guesty’s rapidly expanding Marketplace. Check it out to see what third-party solutions you can integrate with Guesty to save time, enhance your guests’ experience and streamline every aspect of your property management business.

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