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Keyless entry platform Vikey brings a taste of Italy to Guesty’s integration Marketplace

Property managers are drawn to Guesty because we offer time-saving management solutions that make running short-term rentals so much smoother and more efficient. In keeping with our mission to make everything easier from start to finish, we’re partnering up with similar-minded companies who offer valuable resources that further this goal.

Guesty’s Italy-based clients will be happy to hear about our latest integration. Vikey is a keyless entry solution that provides guests with access to your rentals, so you don’t have to meet them in person or spend time arranging key exchanges. Vikey also allows hosts to receive guest IDs and payments through a secure online portal prior to the guests’ arrival.

Guesty Integrates with VikeyWith Vikey, guests can enter your rentals in one of two ways. You can install a device within your property that connects to the intercom outside of the building and allows guests to contact you to request entry no matter where you are. Hosts can direct intercom calls – or “buzzes” – to their personal smartphones, from which they can speak to guests and provide them with any instructions they may need, as well as instantly open both the building and apartment doors. This process does not require any permission request from your building or condominium.

Alternatively, you can opt to remove yourself from the equation entirely and offer your guests completely autonomous entry. Guests will be able to enter your properties with temporary pass-codes that expire when they check out.

Vikey also facilitates other management tasks, enabling property managers to collect photo IDs from their guests in addition to signed guest contracts, validated by one of Italy’s largest law firms.

Once integrated with your Guesty account, Vikey can pull all relevant information pertaining to upcoming reservations and automatically send future guests with the passcodes they will need to access your rentals as well as ask them to complete the online check-in should you require them to. You can keep your mind on your other management tasks, knowing that each guest will be able to begin their vacations hassle-free.

Guesty Integrates with Vikey

“The Vikey Team is excited about this amazing opportunity to further improve the check-in experience for both Vikey and Guesty users,” says Matteo Caruso, CTO and Co-Founder of Vikey. “The goal has always been to make our users our priority and we are working every day to give them the best service. We are sure that a partner like Guesty will help us get one step closer to our objective.”

“We’re really enthusiastic about this partnership,” echoes Guesty CEO Amiad Soto. “We are a global company and we need to make sure we are extending our reach to meet our clients’ needs, all across the map.”

Got rentals in Italy? Make sure to take advantage of this integration and start saving time and energy today. Your guests and your business will thank you for it!

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