December Marketplace Roundup: Automated Marketing, Digital Concierge Services, Reputation Management and More

December 18, 2019 |
Guesty's new partners

‘Tis the season to…add valuable new partners to our ever-expanding Marketplace! Now is the time to give and Guesty is gifting our users with easy access to top-notch, third-party solutions for their property management businesses. Check it out!

StayFi: Vacation Rental Wifi

A forward-thinking property manager uses each and every reservation as an opportunity to encourage future bookings. StayFi makes that simpler than ever with a branded WiFi service that collects guests’ names and emails and automates the marketing process to get you repeat direct bookings.

How the integration works: Stayfi collects information from users logging into WiFi and adds them to Guesty’s guestbook.

Sclak: Remote Access Control

Passing physical keys from guest to guest and employee to employee isn’t just unhygienic – it’s a security risk and one heck of an inconvenience. Upgrade the way you grant entry to your properties with Sclak, a secure access control solution complete with an electronic device and a smartphone app that allows you to integrate all your electronic locks into one user-friendly system. It also works with traditional keys, in case you’re having trouble letting go. 

How the integration works: Sclak accesses you listing and reservation data to send the right instructions to the right guest via your Unified Inbox. Guesty unified inbox is used to send app download invitation.

PerfectPrice: Dynamic Pricing for Short-Term Rentals

Between weekdays and weekends, low seasons and high seasons, you’ll find there are periods where you can get away with increasing your nightly fee and other times when doing so will only serve to discourage occupancy. A leading AI dynamic pricing software, PerfectPrice is here to identify that perfect balance to ensure you’re earning the most revenue and bookings you can!

How the integration works: PerfectPrice is granted access to your listings and calendar and can then control your prices to optimize revenue and occupancy. 

Edgar Smart Concierge: Aparthotel & Vacation Rental Digital Concierge

You want to provide stellar guest service, but you also need time to manage the other aspects of your business and…you know, sleep. Thanks to Edgar, you can do it all.  An innovative digital concierge service, Edgar allows you to create a custom app for your guests, enabling you to simplify operational tasks and increase profits thanks to the upselling of internal and external services.

How the integration works: Edgar pulls listing and reservation information to notify users about new requests and upsells through internal notes in the Unified Inbox.

SolutionInc: Vacation Rental WiFi

One of the most essential amenities hosts can provide for their guests is WiFi, especially when they’ve got business travelers staying in their properties. With SolutionInc, you not only give your guests high-speed and reliable wireless, but you enable the effortless collection of guest data to help you follow up with previous guests and drive direct bookings. 

How the integration works: Once SolutionInc complies the guest information, it will store that data in your dashboard, where you can easily access it for your marketing endeavors.

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