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Breezeway Joins Guesty’s Integrations Marketplace to Help Automate Your Business

June 03, 2019 |

Remember when property management was hard? With the help of our partners, Guesty has been able to facilitate smoother operations across the board, and we’re not slowing down.

We’ve been hard at work, rapidly expanding our Integrations Marketplace in order to offer our clients a full range of software options to sync with their Guesty accounts, so they can manage their entire business from one platform.

Most recently, we’ve partnered up with Breezeway, an operations and management platform. If you’re the kind of property manager who wants to save time and increase efficiency, you’re going to love what they do.

Guest-Ready…Every Time

One of the biggest ‘no-no’s in short-term property management is inviting travelers into a rental that isn’t guest-ready. From Breezeway’s dashboard, you can keep tabs on the status of each of your properties and receive real-time updates about tasks as well as any issues that may arise.

Properties & People

Breezeway knows you’re not just managing properties – you’re managing people too. That’s why they built features that allow you to closely monitor your staff’s activity, from where they are to what they’re doing at any given moment.

Their software also enables property managers to save time and stay organized by automating the scheduling of tasks.

Speaking of people, you’ve got a whole lot of them to communicate with on a day-to-day basis! That’s where Breezeway’s messaging platform comes in, offering an organized and simple way to coordinate with guests and staff.

All The Data You Need

Pretty good, right? But that’s not all!

Since each rental has distinct maintenance needs, Breezeway helps you build customized digital check-lists for all your properties.

They also generate complete reports for you to share with homeowners and other interested parties, as well as informative data that provides valuable insights into your business performance.

Up, Up & Away

With Breezeway synced with your Guesty account, they’ll be able to pull all of your property details,  guest information and reservation data so that their software can take the reigns and start making your life a whole lot easier.

“Guesty has grown into one of the top PMS systems for vacation rental managers, thanks to its strong brand and deep functionality,” says Jeremiah Gall, Founder & CEO of Breezeway. “We’re excited about the integration, and look forward to helping Guesty managers build air-tight property operations and deliver exceptional service to their rental guests.”

We know what exceptional service means, right? It means better reviews, more guests and higher occupancy rates. With Guesty and its partners by your side, the only direction is up.


Breezeway is so excited about welcoming Guesty users  that they’re offering an exclusive 10% discount just for them! Click here to learn more.

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