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Product Deep Dive: Marketplace Webinar

May 30, 2019 |
Deep dive into Guesty's markteplace of partnerships and integrations

A closer look at Guesty’s partnerships & integrations with 3rd party tech solutions.

Welcome to the first installment of a new webinar series where will take a deep dive into various features of the Guesty platform. Up first: the Marketplace.

Listen to Sheli Grumet, Business Development Manager for the Guesty Marketplace, as she breaks down the various aspects of the Marketplace.

What did we cover?

After a brief introduction to the Guesty ecosystem, we introduced the Marketplace and the benefits users can enjoy by utilizing it.

Next came a demo of the Marketplace itself. Logging into the Guesty platform to learn where to find the Marketplace, what it includes and how to learn more about and connect with each of the partner companies.


The Marketplace companies

After running through a demo of the Marketplace, the next step was to understand the different categories of partners included within. From OTAs to home automation solutions to pricing and guest experience, the Guesty Marketplace includes companies covering nearly every aspect of short-term property management.

Learn more about each company that is offering its services as part of the Marketplace and how they can simplify your daily operations.


Coming soon

Next we looked at all of the features and companies we’re planning on adding to the Marketplace in the near future.

We concluded with some FAQs about the Marketplace.

If you’d like to suggest a company that we should add to the marketplace, or you’re looking for us to include your company, please send more information to

We hope you enjoyed this webinar and stay tuned for more installments in this product deep dive webinar series.

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