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New Feature Helps Improving Airbnb Hosts Reviews

Airbnb’s platform updates have stuck again, with a new ‘Reviews’ feature that gives hosts a deeper look into their ratings. This fresh insight allows you to break down the stars received for each category of each listing, so you can assess your performance at a closer level and improve any shortcomings that may be bringing you down.

Higher ratings mean higher SEO, and higher SEO means more bookings… so take it from us, this is a tool worth getting to know.

We’re excited to welcome you to our tour through the new feature. Enjoy the ride.

1. First Up, An Inside Look

Airbnb’s gradual unleashing of this new self-help tool begins with an invitation via email to some lucky hosts out there. Here’s a sneak peek of what to expect:

Airbnb Host Reviews - Good Airbnb Reviews

2. Next Stop, A Review Overview

Your host dashboard will welcome this new section in order to provide further listing analytics and insight into areas of improvement (or lack there of, as the case may be).

Airbnb Host Reviews - Good Airbnb Reviews

3. To Complete The Tour, Some Insight Into Your New Insight

Airbnb won’t miss an opportunity to help you thrive as a host. The detailed insight into your ratings will give you the right information needed in order to stay on top of your hosting reputation and to secure more bookings in the future.

In other words, hosting success is just around the corner, or – in this case – just at the bottom of the dashboard.

Airbnb Host Reviews - Good Airbnb Reviews

Airbnb Host Reviews - Good Airbnb Reviews

The journey to better hosting has just begun. Performance insight is a necessary asset for improvement, but it’s just a piece of the puzzle for better reviews and rankings. Guaranteed around-the-clock professional Airbnb management is a simple way to complete the job. With expert management for your account, you’re avoiding any possibility of seeing any of your listings have ‘room for improvement’. In fact, with a dedicated management service, you’ll secure more bookings without having to sweat the process leading up to it.

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