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6 accounting reports to take your business to the next level

As a property management company with a portfolio of short-term rentals belonging to multiple owners, you know all too well how much bookkeeping is involved on your end. Between you, your property owners, your staff, and the booking channels from which these bookings are coming from – there are many different funds coming in and out of your business at any given time. While you may already use an accounting tool to assist with the general bookkeeping involved in running a business, there needs to be a bridge between those general transactions and the ones coming from your bookings. With Guesty’s Accounting solution, we are bridging this gap between your accounting system and your rental business, helping your team save hours of time and operate at a higher level.

Watch below to hear about six reports available within Guesty’s Accounting system that will drastically improve the way you run your business:

There you have it! These six reports are just some of the many that our platform provides to help users work smarter, work faster, and impress their owners. To learn more about our Accounting system and how you can get started, click here!

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