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10 tools to boost Airbnb host efficiency

Let’s begin with a little bit of a throwback…

This is old news: for years now, there have been hundreds of new tools released into our app-mosphere daily. The result? Hundreds of new reasons every day to access whatever you want, whenever you want. But as the market becomes more and more saturated, the scope of possibilities stretches, and the seemingly natural tendency to digitalize the surrounding world grows.

This doesn’t stem from a place of laziness, but from a place of efficiency. That’s where the real natural tendency lies: in doing more things, faster, and better. This is the Catch-22 of our ever-growing tech toolbox: there are so many helpful options floating around that it’s difficult to reach out and grab the ones that are most relevant to you. For busy Airbnb hosts like yourself, it’s not easy to devote a huge chunk of time looking for Airbnb-friendly tools that could make your job as a host easier and more efficient. In many cases, you’ll find yourself being inefficient in your quest for efficiency.

So, in an effort to help you busy hosts to do more things faster and better, I’ve put together this list of tools to help you save time – and, of course, become more efficient – in the big world of Airbnb.

1. Just Name The Price

Now that Airbnb has its own smart pricing features, it’s not necessary to outsource for this kind of information. But hey, a second opinion always helps, especially when it can save you time while bringing you closer to the big bucks.

BeyondPricing and PriceLabsCo are two companies created particularly for Airbnb hosts. They can each help you arrive at competitive price points gathered from relevant home sharing market data. Similarly, Airdna allows hosts to compare the home sharing value for any property in any part of the world. If you host more than one property in distinct areas, this tool is especially useful for finding any quick price updates that need to be made. There are some of those fast results you ache for. Look, hosting is getting easier with every word read.

2. The Little Handheld Airbnb Accountant

Our English speaking friends probably know all about Hurdlr, but for those who se habla español, there’s Propietarios, a new Airbnb-friendly app that will measure your hosting profits. And it asks for nothing in return except your email address.

The idea is to help you easily monitor and compare earnings without lifting a finger (or straining your brain). It’s always smart to keep an eye on your checks and balances to make sure you’re always on top of your finance game, both in staying up-to-date and in making bank. Especially if you’re professionally hosting on Airbnb, there’s no reason for money handling to make its way onto your already very full plate of hosting responsibilities. Now that can be just one less thing to worry about.

3. The Little Handheld Airbnb Security

Imagine if you’re busy at work (or at lounging on the beach), and your guests arrive. There are countless ways to go about keyless key exchanges, so you can feel the loosening of any time constraints and your guests can feel the privacy of their Airbnb experience. What’s unique about this in-person key handoff alternative is that you can be there when your guests arrive, without actually being there when your guests arrive.

Allow me to elaborate. Skybell Home Security is a smart video doorbell through which you can interact with guests or even just man your grounds. It even has an enhanced motion sensor that will notify you of guest arrival before your guests push the button (because, you know, technology). So, there’s no need to get up from your desk or your hammock when you greet your guests at the door. Think of it as FaceTime call with the outer part of your front door.

4. This Smart Security Lock Is Brilliant

Speaking of security, meet Lockitron. Lockitron is just as badass as it sounds. It’s both a smart and an electronic lock that helps out your standard busy host, big time. This advanced security system is easy to install, a huge time saver (see: Why Ditching In-Person Key Exchanges Will Save You Big Time), and a seriously effective way to go.

How, you ask? Well, Lockitron allows hosts to keep their existing set of keys, receive entry/exit notifications on their smartphones via internal WiFi, and manage entry from anywhere and everywhere. That means that this device could be your home security, leisure time, and a helping hand in Airbnb hosting, all in one very secure lock. Or, take it up a step with Sesame, which also responds to custom knocks on your door or your smartphone.  Safety first! (Then efficiency second).

5.  Room Service Delivery – Of Host Assistance

You don’t have to be away at the office or on vacation to justify getting a little outside Airbnb guest assistance. Unless you’re renting out just a room in your own home, chances are your rented-out Airbnb property is some kind of distance from where you are. However long the distance, it’s a length you don’t need to travel. You don’t need to personally hand over keys to your guests (see above), or clean for them, or spend time you could be saving. Particularly for hosts juggling multiple listings, there’s no way to meet every guest at the door, especially if guest arrivals overlap or occur at inconvenient times.

6. All Of The Lights

Plum is your smart mobile light switch that can control the lighting of the whole property, from individual light bulbs to full rooms, to the whole house.

That means that Airbnb hosts can easily manage their lighting system from wherever they are. You can step up to the plate when a guest leaves the lights on and can be sure to turn lights off in between guest visits, as well. FYI, we assist with managing the works in between guest arrivals too… and with everything before, during, and after that.

If you want some added security, you can turn on a master bedroom light to avoid theft. If you want some added reassurance, you can look at your electricity bills before and after you install this tool.  The plum is both time and energy efficient, not such a bad deal, is it? Let there be light.

7. Remote Hosting Made Possible

On the topic of saving on utility bills, I present to you the master of electrical control: the Touchsquid GR Home Remote. A tangible version of the “clap-on, clap-off” model, this remote links up to anything digital in your Airbnb place. When I say anything, I mean literally anything – the company even says they’re able to work with you to connect devices that they don’t universally advertise.

You can think of it as an easy way to manage your home systems, or as an easy way to cut back on utilities, or as just a cool toy for your guests to enjoy during their stay. Emphasis on the easy.

8. Like The Other Side Of The Pillow

On the topic of saving on utility bills (part II), let’s dive into air conditioning bills. As I’m sure you can relate, hosts really take the blow in summer months with this. Luckily, there’s no need to worry about energy bills hiking up or even about reaching for the A/C remote (because like all other great things, it’s smartphone operated). Aros Smart Window Air Conditioner monitors usage & location to suggest more budget-friendly usage habits, adapts learned cooling patterns, and even allows you to schedule adjustments in advance on your smartphone.

This means you can set a smart, cheap cooling schedule before your guests arrive… and then you can relax and not worry about it for the duration of their stay. Now that’s cool.

9. Clear The Air

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could rest easy about any emergencies that could happen throughout your guests’ stay? I think you know what I’m getting at here.

The Nest Protect Smoke + Carbon Monoxide is your live-in Smokey the Bear, minus the claws and whatnot. Thanks to the power of WiFi (among many other amazing modern technologies), this smoke detector takes your hand to walk you through every step of fire prevention, even from afar. If there’s any kind of alert, Nest Protect will not only notify you but also direct you to the problem area. It’ll even tell you when its batteries are low, so there are no secrets here.

Now, you can monitor your Airbnb and your guests’ safety regardless of where in the world you are. Yet again, one less thing to juggle.

10. Make The Easy, Easier

Tools To Boost Airbnb Host Efficiency - Airbnb Host Tools

It’s all good and fun to get more things done faster, but this approach isn’t always the most effective. Juggling tasks and listings and bookings all together can be a headache and a disaster. Luckily, science has proven that there’s a way for individuals to squeeze out the efficiency of multitasking, which is otherwise just a jumble of thoughts and half-successful performances. It’s called a “coordination technique,” and it’s the way to clean up the mess of doing two (or more) things at once.

In theory, the coordination technique is used to seamlessly switch from task to task without losing focus or concentration along the way. In practice, students use note-taking and Airbnb hosts use Guesty.

Guesty handles everything for your Airbnb account, be it guest communication, booking management, or key & cleaning coordination. We are the 24 hour assistant to your Airbnb and the coordination technique to your property juggle.  That means that if you adapt any of these above-mentioned tools to your hosting strategy, we can help you manage those, too…and seamlessly, at that.

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